Of Course I Talk to Myself Sometimes
Of Course I Talk to Myself Sometimes

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..I need an expert opinion (17%)
  • ..I live alone, who else would I talk to? (13%)
  • ..Its how I get the best advice (13%)
  • ..Yes because I'm the only one that will listen to me... No you don't.....yes I do, so keep quiet! (9%)
  • ..It's when I say all the things I would like to say when I have to keep my mouth shut. (4%)
  • ..and I have the most interesting conversations between me, myself and I! (4%)
  • ..but I'm careful not to answer myself back...well I don't! (4%)
  • ..That's why I go to the mental ward board on goldtoken (4%)
  • ..Sometimes? I talk to myself all of the time! (4%)
  • ..I'm a Gemini, or rather both of us are. Gee, it's getting noisy in here! (4%)
  • ..I talk to myself all the time and and siri even answers me back (4%)
  • ..How else am I going to laugh at my own jokes (4%)
  • ..I respond as well. Luckily the response has not yet been "Huh?" (4%)
  • ..No one else will (4%)
  • ..Of Course I Talk to Myself Sometimes.. because I don't disagree with myself. (4%)
  • ..I'm the only one who never wants to argue (0%)
  • ..Who else would listen as good as I do? (0%)
  • ..It's the only way to get a sensible answer (0%)
  • ..don't you? (0%)
Votes: 23
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