Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • Missy the Chihuahua Nabbed for Selling Toilet Paper on Ebay for 25 Dog Bones Per Roll! (18%)
  • EXPOSED: The truth behind the toilet paper shortage (9%)
  • Well, I think I have enough for a little while at least. (9%)
  • Chicky, the Chihuahua says evidence photo shopped, it was only a new hat. (9%)
  • Ay, ay, ay! Taco Bell! Yo Quiero mucho papel higiénico! (9%)
  • Extra! Extra! Dog caught going over 2 roll limit!! (9%)
  • Hey Buddy got the goods now lets run before they catch us (9%)
  • Mrs. Chloe Chihuahua, winner of raffle of 1-year supply of toilet paper, says it will come in handy with her pups still potty training. (9%)
  • "Local crime boss caught red handed after stealing rare luxuries." (9%)
  • This is my legacy, in my will those who treated me like crap will now inherit my new found wealth...Toilet Paper. Mauuuuuuuhhh (9%)
  • Toilet roll shortage day 110. Sensing the toilet rolls running out dogs start to learn to walk (0%)
  • She must have eaten her son's cooking (0%)
  • Ms. Cutie making sure she had enough tp (0%)
  • Rising Chi-Hua Rash in Male Dogs-Chihuahua "Jazzy" Sought as a Dog of Interest (0%)
  • Dog bought 2 rolls of Toilet Paper and five finger discounted the rest of the Toilet Paper rolls (0%)
  • Chihuahua suspected of fraudulently breaking vulnerable person rules to jump supermarket queues and "3 per customer" limits (0%)
  • Stores are Out of Gritty Kitty: Stimpy Refuses to Shop (0%)
  • Chihuahua caught on camera hoarding toilet paper (0%)
Votes: 11
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