Monday-Wednesday-Friday sentences
Monday-Wednesday-Friday sentences

Poll assigned to board: Word of the Day

  • 2. Whenever I get a whiff of the redolent sweetness of cinnamon, it brings fond memories of Granny Flo's baked desserts. (30%)
  • 14. I just bought my dog a nice flocculent calming bed. (20%)
  • 1. My sweater coat has a flocculant knit to it as it's soft and fluffy. (10%)
  • 6. The three tenors were so Sonorous when I went to see them. (10%)
  • 7. The redolent aroma inside the Italian restaurant sparked a vivid memory of my mother's homemade lasagna when I was growing up as a child. (10%)
  • 10.William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys Sonorous baritone voice is best baritone I've ever heard. (10%)
  • 16. The stone wall appeared flocculent due to the moss growing on it. (10%)
  • 3. His sonorous voice did not mix well with the high pitched, piercing voice of the singing duo. (0%)
  • 4. I had a flocculent jumper on. (0%)
  • 5. My house smelled absolutely redolent after I brought in the flowers from my garden (0%)
  • 8. I love my flocculant blanket when the winter wind blows. (0%)
  • 9. This new deodorant I brought has a redolent smell (0%)
  • 11. The flocculant and woolly sheep are protected in the winter even when the temperatures dip to extremes. (0%)
  • 12. He had such a deep sonorous laugh that it drew grinning attention from others in the room. (0%)
  • 13. The shortage of sentences submitted is redolent of unfamiliarity with the word. (0%)
  • 15. The excessively high humidity made her overly curly hair look like sheep's wool, knotty and flocculent. (0%)
Votes: 10
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