He Who Wakes Up Early
He Who Wakes Up Early

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..Has to go to the bathroom (15%)
  • ..Has to make the coffee (12%)
  • ..gets to enjoy some quiet time while the rest of the house is still sleeping. (8%)
  • ..gets to spend more time playing games on GoldToken. (8%)
  • ..doesn't need the worm, he needs a nap (8%)
  • ..Has to do the laundry, keep an eye on the kids, find something for dinner, in other words, do a Mom's job! (4%)
  • ..Gets his work done early to relax and have free time later on in the day. (4%)
  • ..Catches the worm. So spit it out. (4%)
  • ..Has to go and pay the cable bill (4%)
  • ..didnít get enough sleep (4%)
  • ..doesn't run out of hot water in the shower (4%)
  • ..Goes back to bed and sleeps a little later (4%)
  • ..yawns all day long (4%)
  • ..didn't watch the game last night (yawn!) (4%)
  • ..just may kill that Leghorn rooster. (4%)
  • ..gets to have the first fresh cup of coffee from the pot. (4%)
  • ..goes to bed early (4%)
  • ..gets to rouse everyone else out of bed! (4%)
  • ..falls asleep in front of the telly at 7pm. (0%)
  • ..Has to get the kids ready for school (0%)
Votes: 26
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