If Monday Had a Face
If Monday Had a Face

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..it would stop a watch! (14%)
  • ..and Tuesday stayed a while, I'd still like Friday best, 'Cause weekends make me smile. (10%)
  • ..it would be a sad face. (7%)
  • ..it's mouth would be asking Tuesday for a Bloody Mary. (7%)
  • ..I would punch it (7%)
  • ..It would have a frown. (7%)
  • ..It would have sleepy eyes and asking where did the week end go.. (7%)
  • ..It would be an emotional wreck. (3%)
  • ..Clearly 'twould appear moon-struck with face-ts of moon-shine pre-face-d by the polished Sir-Face (moon-walking), with a clean tyepface, providing an interface to fac-ilitat-e moon-day (3%)
  • ..It would be pure of thought like Tuesdays child (3%)
  • ..It would probably be sticking it's tongue out at ya (3%)
  • ..Then she could help Tuesday Weld (3%)
  • ..It would look like Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (3%)
  • ..It would be yawning.. (3%)
  • ..It would be looking back to the weekend. (3%)
  • ..I would use it for a dart board (3%)
  • .. it'd be wearing a mud mask (3%)
  • ..it would be just dang ugly. (3%)
  • ..It would certainly not be as fair as her child's. (3%)
  • ..It would definitely be fair of face! (0%)
  • ..If Monday had a face we would glare at it in sad disapproval. (0%)
Votes: 29
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