Monday-Wednesday-Friday Sentences
Monday-Wednesday-Friday Sentences

Poll assigned to board: Word of the Day

  • 6. The squirrel spotted my bird feeder and then showed a lot of pluck in getting at the seed. (22%)
  • 17. My Mother's probity is a great example for me to follow (22%)
  • 5. I was very Plucky to pluck my eyebrows. (11%)
  • 9. My father taught me much in this life and his indomitable work ethics he passed on to me were a key to my success. (11%)
  • 10. COVID-19 will not defeat the indomitable spirit of human survival. (11%)
  • 11. With shear pluck and determination, Samantha campaigned tirelessly to get the College of Hard Knocks renamed to become "Pluck University", but the Board of Regents were not happy with that name's likely colloquial short form. (11%)
  • 15. Despite personal risk, his skilled leadership and indomitable will and courage, Captain Stewart was able to bring his men and himself to safety. (11%)
  • 1. The problem with probity is that those who profess to possess it probably don't. (0%)
  • 2. I try to practice probity in my life but those little white lies get me every time! (0%)
  • 3. My debt seems indomitable, but I will prevail (0%)
  • 4. My work ethic on my job is indomitable, to say the least. (0%)
  • 7. To do their job of defending us from disease, antibodies must exhibit probity in their mission to attack bad things but not hurt good things in our bodies. (0%)
  • 8. The judge's high-status and probity gets him admiration and respect from the townspeople in his area, as well as abroad from people who have heard of him. (0%)
  • 12. He showed pluck even though things looked grim and pulled the job off and got everyone through. (0%)
  • 13. I had Probity as a Probity citizen. (0%)
  • 14. My probity and integrity are beyond question. (0%)
  • 16. It takes pluck and determination for a dog not to show he is hurting when injured so as to not let enemies know he is vulnerable. (0%)
  • 18. The abominable snowman was indomitable (0%)
Votes: 9
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