If Life's Not a Bed of Roses
If Life's Not a Bed of Roses

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..Just be a petal in someone’s life (14%)
  • ..why did I buy all these bags of mulch? (14%)
  • ..Then it's a bowl of cherries, pits and all. (11%)
  • ..Then why does it smell so sweet when you take the time to notice? (11%)
  • ..then maybe it's not so thorny! (4%)
  • ..Momma always said that life was a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get. (4%)
  • ..Then is must be the Bed of Nails that Bon Jovi slept on. (4%)
  • ..Then why do Roses make me sneeze? (4%)
  • ..then Freddie was right -- it's no pleasure cruise either. (4%)
  • ..I shall sleep peacefully in my bed of dandelions and be thankful it is free of thorns. (4%)
  • ..Then why do I get pricked by so many thorns (4%)
  • ..Than wake up and smell the Coffee. (4%)
  • ..Be glad you won't have to deal with the thorns. (4%)
  • ..Life is a bed of roses, & roses have thorns. (4%)
  • ..can it be a vault of gold bars? (4%)
  • ..Then you have to take it one day at a time. (4%)
  • ..Why do I wake up smelling like the stables? (4%)
  • ..then what kind of flower is it? (4%)
  • ..then what keeps jabbing me? (0%)
  • ..You will have less thorny problems (0%)
  • ..make lemonade... (0%)
Votes: 28
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