Monday-Wednesday-Friday sentences
Monday-Wednesday-Friday sentences

Poll assigned to board: Word of the Day

  • 6. The best munificent gift a parent can give to their child is love unconditionally (15%)
  • 10. Rex had to wheedle his way back into his best friend's good graces after chewing up this favorite shoe. (15%)
  • 14. When she brought her boyfriend home to meet her parents, he had to a wheedle both of them, to get them to like him. (15%)
  • 7. I received a munificent gift for graduation from my parents. (8%)
  • 8. He thought he was going to wheedle his way back into my life after the way he treated me! (8%)
  • 9. I used my Wheedle to wheedle a female (8%)
  • 11. Today's political correctness forces many politicians to have to wheedle their way out of statements they made in the past. (8%)
  • 13. After Dean forgot his wife's birthday, he tried to wheddle his way back into her heart by surprising her with a romantic getaway. (8%)
  • 15. By watching for the best sale prices at her local grocer and the notions store next door to it, Suzy could be frugal, have fru fru, and be frugivorous, all at the same time. (8%)
  • 18. I attempt to consume a frugivorous diet most of the time but those brownies keep calling my name! (8%)
  • 1. The gift was magnificent, munificent, and magic; it touched my heart! (0%)
  • 2. Munificent amount of crisp I was MUN*ching on was ef*FICENT enough. (0%)
  • 3. When I turned in a stolen wallet, I was thrilled to receive a munificent reward from the owner. (0%)
  • 4.There were such a munificent amount of donations that we were able to establish another scholarship for the college. (0%)
  • 5. When interest rates went down suddenly, the value of his MUNI bonds went way up, netting him a truly MUNIficent return on his investment. (0%)
  • 12. I had to beg and wheedle to convince my husband we needed another dog. (0%)
  • 16. Having been on frugivorous diet I made a frugivorous salad. (0%)
  • 17. In the countryside, at the height of the season, frugivous birds feasted on the succulent ripe fruits of the fields and trees, and rarely on the unripe green ones (0%)
Votes: 13
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