All Work and No Play Makes Me..
All Work and No Play Makes Me..

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..cherish every minute I can spend on GoldToken (15%)
  • ..makes me very sleepy (15%)
  • ..want to play at work. (12%)
  • ..realize we all need a little time to relax and have fun! (8%)
  • ..very tired! (8%)
  • ..Remember why Iím so happy being retired! (8%)
  • and lonely. (8%)
  • ..want to play on the Paraprosdikian sentence board (4%)
  • ..Go crazy!. Dont mind if I do. (4%)
  • ..hungry!! (4%)
  • ..Want to find a prince and ditch the stepsisters (4%)
  • ..Makes me very nervous! (4%)
  • ..meaner than a stuttering rabid skunk in the rain with rotten teeth, haemorrhoids and his foot in a trap trying to recite poetry to his sweetheart who just isn't interested and is walking away. (4%)
  • .. not okay! (4%)
  • ..even duller than I already am (0%)
  • ..Makes me very tired! (0%)
Votes: 26
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