When Tempted to Fight Fire with Fire
When Tempted to Fight Fire with Fire

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..I choose Water! (20%)
  • ..YOU are going to get BURNED! (16%)
  • ..make sure your insurance is up to date (8%)
  • ..Remember the Fire Department usually uses water (8%)
  • ..Your starting a fire that will NOT go out. (8%)
  • ..I lay my matches down and walk away, I don't want to get burned. (8%)
  • ..I simply call the fire brigade (4%)
  • ..I'd say hand me my bag of marshmallows and chocolate bars, I have the grahams ! (4%)
  • ..I grabbed the garden hose. (4%)
  • ..Remember that Smokey the Bear says that "only you can prevent forest fires". (4%)
  • ..I defer. (4%)
  • ..Fight your temptation and grab an extinguisher fire extinguisher........ Dhu (4%)
  • ..Make sure your best friend is Smokey the Bear. (4%)
  • ..Burn baby burn disco inferno (4%)
  • ..Be sure you have plenty of sun screen. (0%)
Votes: 25
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