Put Your Best Foot Forward
Put Your Best Foot Forward

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..And shake it all about. (42%)
  • ..no one wants to see your bad foot. (13%)
  • ..But keep it at least six feet away from everyone else's feet due to social distancing. (13%)
  • ..and your hiney is sure to follow Frightened (8%)
  • ..and keep going, the view at the top is wonderful. (8%)
  • ..then walk on your hands (4%)
  • ..And good things will follow. (4%)
  • ..I thought about it but they said only essential stores are open!!! (4%)
  • ..And they will stomp on your new shoes. (4%)
  • ..ready for the judging of the best pedicure competition. (0%)
  • ..I did and then I slowly put it back...pedicurist needed!!! (0%)
  • ..not the one with a cast on it. (0%)
Votes: 24
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