The Best Part of Going to work
The Best Part of Going to work

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • is having Folgers in your cup. (23%)
  • is going home again afterwards. (18%)
  • is getting paid for doing what I enjoy. (14%)
  • getting your first retirement check. (14%)
  • Why don't you tell me? (9%)
  • is hearing all the juicy gossip at the water fountain. (9%)
  • Is that my chair swivels. (5%)
  • is payday! (5%)
  • Is when you have done it for so long and get to retire you don't have to any more. (5%)
  • is breaks and lunch. (0%)
  • The Christmas party. Cheers! (0%)
  • is knowing that when the day is done, I'll be going home! (0%)
Votes: 22
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