If It Ain't Broke
If It Ain't Broke

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • put the duct tape down and walk away! (20%)
  • Don't fix it. (16%)
  • For goodness sake, leave it alone will ya. (8%)
  • break it! (8%)
  • it probably will be soon! (8%)
  • give it to a kid and it will be broken soon. (8%)
  • Then you're happy someone saw that you didn't break it! (8%)
  • just give it to my hubby and it soon will be! (8%)
  • Step away and nobody gets hurt! (4%)
  • then ask it for a loan. (4%)
  • Then break it! (4%)
  • Don't touch it, you know nothing about electronics nor mechanics. (4%)
  • It hasn't been to the supermarket lately. (0%)
  • you can use that glue on something else. (0%)
  • then its no where to be found... (0%)
Votes: 25
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