Give Them an Inch
Give Them an Inch

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • And they’ll take the whole danged ruler!! (22%)
  • and they'll make a first down, score a touchdown, and win the Superbowl! (17%)
  • and they take all of it! (11%)
  • and they will have 2.54 centimeters. (11%)
  • and the cat will unravel the entire ball of yarn! (11%)
  • and they just might learn how to use a ruler! (6%)
  • And you'll end up regretting it (6%)
  • & they’ll take all nine yards. (6%)
  • .and they will want cake too! (6%)
  • and they won't be happy till it's a mile. (6%)
  • and they will have an inch. (0%)
Votes: 18
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