If You See a Fork in the Road
If You See a Fork in the Road

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • A knife should be around here somewhere (19%)
  • don't use it to eat spaghetti! (10%)
  • take it (10%)
  • you might wonder how the devil it got there. (10%)
  • be a nice person, stop your car, and take it off the road so no one gets a tire puncture. (10%)
  • Don't step on it. (10%)
  • Make the right choice. (10%)
  • ask for the entree' that goes with it! (5%)
  • take it since either way leads to the middle. (5%)
  • Look out for the spoon next (5%)
  • take the spoon (5%)
  • don't worry its only four tines! (5%)
  • donít stop to eat your soup. (0%)
Votes: 21
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