How strict were your parents?
How strict were your parents?

  • Just enough to let me know they loved me. (33%)
  • I knew/know they will always help me, but they let me make my own mistakes. (12%)
  • They tried, I rebelled. (8%)
  • Other (Please discuss on the Poll DB) (8%)
  • I could barely blow my nose without asking (7%)
  • They did their best, but... (7%)
  • Very strict, but I needed it. (7%)
  • What do you mean "WERE"? (4%)
  • They gave advice I rarely followed. I wish I had. (4%)
  • They were always in my face. Never much help though. (3%)
  • They were never around. I raised myself. (3%)
  • My mom tells me I was raised in a barn. Horse parents? (2%)
  • I was raised by those other than my parents. (1%)
Votes: 547
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