What are your plans for Mother's Day?
What are your plans for Mother's Day?

  • Mom is no longer with us, but she will be in my thoughts (37%)
  • Spending the day with Mom and family (15%)
  • Other (Please discuss on the Poll DB) (13%)
  • Will phone Mom since she lives far away (12%)
  • Nothing, it's the same as any other weekend day (11%)
  • Taking Mom out for Mother's Day Brunch (4%)
  • Sending/giving candy or flowers to Mom (3%)
  • Making dinner for Mom (2%)
  • I am estranged from Mom, but will be thinking of her (1%)
  • Mom is making dinner for us (1%)
  • Dad was both mother and father, will spend it with him (1%)
  • Doing one of the above with my surrogate mother (0%)
Votes: 781
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