Do you play the lottery?
Do you play the lottery?

  • On a very rare occation (20%)
  • Yes, once or twice a week I will buy a ticket (15%)
  • No way, I refuse to give others my money (11%)
  • Only when there is a huge jackpot (10%)
  • Once or twice a year I might buy a ticket or two (8%)
  • Once or twice a month I will buy a few tickets (8%)
  • If I am feeling lucky (7%)
  • Nope, it's gambling and/or against my belief (6%)
  • Other (Please discuss on the Poll DB) (5%)
  • Yes, and I play more than my local lottery (4%)
  • On special occations, like birthdays etc (2%)
  • Yes, I buy a ticket at least once every day (2%)
  • My mate won't let me (1%)
Votes: 921
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