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This Nugget has been written by Enviro on 10 Jun at 10:19AM

Category: Four In a Row

Unless you're sure you have a really good reason not to do this, if you're the first player, go in a middle square. If your opponent goes first and picks the middle (which they almost always will), usually it's best to go on top of them or in the other middle square.
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Stating variant

Posted on 11 Jun at 9:31AM by NetKissa aka Knit This

For future nuggets, it would wise to state which variant is in case. For example in cylindrical 4iar it doesn't matter where you start as all squares are center squares. Other than that, I agree.
best move or best play?

Posted on 1 Jul at 2:59PM by McStack

assuming you mean standard 4iar, then objectively the best move for second player would be to play on top if first player plays in middle square. but depending on how good you or your opponent are you might want to mix things up e.g. playing on the other middle square offers your opponent the chance to play a losing move next.
best move

Posted on 13 Sep at 3:48PM by minimum wage

if i move first, i put my blue piece on h1. most opponents will put a red piece in the center. i put my 2nd blue piece on top of their red piece in the center. this is the same as blue's first move in the center and red's first move on top of the blue piece.