Rock Paper Scissors 101 Information
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Rock Paper Scissors is all we will be playing in this club. Will have ladders, clubvsclub invitations and a monthly wikiless.

End of year prizes.
20 golderos to the overall winner
10 golderos to the runner-up
6 golderos to the third place finisher
4 golderos to the fourth place finisher
3 golderos to the fifth place finisher
ties will be broken with a game of Rock,Paper,Scissor Smiling

Had no idea so much strategy was possible in Rock, Paper, Scissors? The rules of the game itself may be simple, but the human mind is not.

Do you have what it takes?? Its not just a game its mind warfare. Come and pit your mind again your opponents and see if you can out maneuver them into a victory Cheerleader

The Rock Paper Scissors 101 August 2019 Tournament08-01-2019
The Rock Paper Scissors 101 September 2019 Tournament09-02-2019
The Rock Paper Scissors 101 October 2019 Tournament10-02-2019
The Rock Paper Scissors 101 November 2019 Tournament11-02-2019
The Rock Paper Scissors 101 December 2019 Tourname Tournament12-02-2019
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Club Owner: PattyMac
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Rock Paper Scissors
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Rock Paper Scissors
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Rock Paper Scissors