Duel Masters Information
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Last Update 07/01/2022

TournamentsStatusStart DateWinnerWinnerWinner
The Duel Masters First TournamentClosed04/01/2018Eriisa & AndrewBCandy Cane Kaz & thebodywallDavidJ
The Duel Masters May 2018 TournamentClosed05/03/2018DavidJRuache & wallywalter & (steelbound)wallywalter
The Duel Masters June 2018 TournamentClosed06/03/2018wallywalterwallywalterLes
The Duel Masters July 2018 TournamentClosed07/03/2018wallywalterwallywalterwallywalter
The Duel Masters August 2018 TournamentClosed08/02/2018RenTroutRuachethebodywall
The Duel Masters September 2018 TournamentClosed09/03/2018LeswallywalterLes
The Duel Masters October 2018 TournamentClosed10/03/2018wallywalterwallywalterwallywalter
The Duel Masters November 2018 TournamentClosed11/03/2018FadethebodywallLes
The Duel Masters December 2018 TournamentClosed12/03/2018jbdobiejbdobieAndrewB
The Duel Masters January 2019 TournamentClosed01/03/2019jbdobiejbdobiejbdobie
The Duel Masters February 2019 Monthly TournamentClosed02/03/2019jbdobiejbdobiejbdobie
The Duel Masters March 2019 Monthly TournamentClosed03/03/2019jbdobiejbdobie

Wins so far (Ties count as full points. In the 2021-2022 year this is changing to the point being split between co-winners):
Candy Cane Kaz1

2019-2020 Year
TournamentsStatusStart DateWinnerWinnerWinner
The Duel Masters April 2019 Monthly TournamentClosed04/03/2019jbdobieaprildawnjbdobie
The Duel Masters May 2019 Monthly TournamentClosed05/03/2019rabbitoid & marcmandyjbdobiejbdobie
The Duel Masters June 2019 Monthly TournamentClosed06/03/2019jbdobiejbdobieLes & jbdobie
The Duel Masters July 2019 Monthly TournamentClosed07/03/2019jbdobiejbdobiejbdobie
The Duel Masters August 2019 Monthly TournamentClosed08/05/2019unicornFadejbdobie
The Duel Masters September TournamentClosed09/05/2019Les & jbdobiewallywalterjbdobie
The Duel Masters October TournamentClosed10/05/2019jbdobiejbdobiejbdobie
The Duel Masters November TournamentClosed11/05/2019jbdobie
The Duel Masters December TournamentClosed12/05/2019jbdobiejbdobiejbdobie
The Duel Masters January 2020 TournamentClosed01/05/2020LesmarcmandyLes
The Duel Masters February TournamentClosed02/05/2020(steelbound)(steelbound)(steelbound)& unicorn
The Duel Masters Club March Tournament! TournamentClosed03/05/2020jbdobiejbdobie

Wins so far

2020-2021 Year
The Duel Masters April 2020 Tournament04/05/2020cindygalAndrewBLes, cindygal & thebodywall
The Duel Masters May 5, 2020 Tournament05/05/2020porkpie1 & marcmandy(steelbound)cindygal
The Duel Masters June 2020 Tournament06/05/2020thebodywallHenryJaimes
The Duel Masters July 2020 Tournament07/05/2020LesHenryJaimesLes
The Duel Masters August 2020 Tournament08/05/2020Les & AndrewB(steelbound)Les & unicorn
The Duel Masters September 2020 Tournament09/05/2020Hillbilly & AndrewBAndrewBN/A
The Duel Masters October 2020 Tournament10/10/2020LesHenryJaimesjbdobie
The Duel Masters November 2020 Tournament11/05/2020AndrewB(steelbound) & thebodywallLes & (steelbound)
The Duel Masters December 2020 Tournament12/05/2020Les & (steelbound)AndrewB & (steelbound)Les
The Duel Masters January 2021Tournament01/05/2021AndrewBHenryJaimesAndrewB
The Duel Masters February 2021 Tournament02/05/2021Les & unicorn(steelbound)(steelbound)
The Duel Masters March 2021 Tournament03/05/2021(steelbound)(steelbound)AndrewB

Wins so far

2021-2022 Year
The Duel Masters April 2021 Tournament04/05/2021LesLesN/A
The Duel Masters May 2021 Wikiless Tournament05/05/2021marcmandy(steelbound) & thebodywallLes
The Duel Masters Jun 2021 Wikiless Tournament06/05/2021porkpie1 & marcmandymarcmandyLes
The Duel Masters July 2021 Wikiless Tournament07/05/2021Hillbilly, (steelbound)HenryJaimes, (steelbound)N/A
The Duel Masters August 2021 Tournament08/05/2021ditzyblue, Les(steelbound)Les
The Duel Masters September 2021 Tournament09/05/2021ditzyblue(steelbound)(steelbound)
The Duel Masters October 2021 Tournament10/05/2021LesHenryJaimesLes
The Duel Masters November 2021 Tournament11/05/2021jbdobiejbdobie
The Duel Masters December 2021 Tournament12/05/2021Les(steelbound)Les
The Duel Masters January 2022 Tournament01/05/2022marcmandy(steelbound)n/a
The Duel Masters February 2022 Tournament02/05/2022marcmandymarcmandy,(steelbound)n/a
The Duel Masters March 2022 Tournament03/05/2022Les(steelbound)

Wins so far:
{ Player: # }
{ Player: # }

2022-2023 Year
The Duel Masters April 2022 Tournament04/05/2022
The Duel Masters May 2022 Tournament05/05/2022
The Duel Masters June 2022 Tournament06/05/2022
The Duel Masters July 2022 Tournament07/05/2022
The Duel Masters August 2022 Tournament08/05/2022
The Duel Masters September 2022 Tournament09/05/2022
The Duel Masters October 2022 Tournament10/05/2022
The Duel Masters November 2022 Tournament11/05/2022
The Duel Masters December 2022 Tournament12/06/2022
The Duel Masters January 2023 Tournament01/05/2023
The Duel Masters February 2023 Tournament02/05/2023
The Duel Masters March 2023 Tournament03/05/2023

2023-2024 Year

The Duel Masters April 2023 Tournament04/05/2023
The Duel Masters May 2023 Tournament05/05/2023
The Duel Masters June 2023 Tournament06/05/2023
The Duel Masters July 2023 Tournament07/05/2023
The Duel Masters August 2023 Tournament08/05/2023
The Duel Masters September 2023 Tournament09/05/2023
The Duel Masters October 2023 Tournament10/05/2023
The Duel Masters November 2023 Tournament11/05/2023
The Duel Masters December 2023 Tournament12/05/2023
The Duel Masters January 2024 Tournament01/05/2024
The Duel Masters February 2024 Tournament02/05/2024
The Duel Masters March 2024 Tournament03/05/2024

End of Year Prizes
20 golderos to the overall winner
10 golderos to the runner-up
6 golderos to the third place finisher
4 golderos to the fourth place finisher
3 golderos to the fifth place finisher

After the above tourneys are finished, prizes will be 10 golderoes to Top winner and a choose of tokens from the odd and ends section. Tokens will be awarded to the 2, 3 Winners.

I am trying to get this club under control after my long absence, been working on all my clubs. A big THANK YOU to Hillbilly for keeping the club from going dormant. Also big THANK YOU to jbdobie for their valued help.
The home page here is enough to drive me off the edge so to speak..lol...its as messy as my house Smiling

We will continue to play all the diagonal duel games but will only go to 3....the 5 and 9 game take entirely to long.

Starting on the 2024-2025 games the payout will change, you players rock, your better than my pocket book Thumbs up Awards will be 10 golderoes and a choose of any token from the odd and ends section. The 2nd and 3rd players will also receive a token of their choose.

Thank You for your continued support, it has not gone unnoticed. Hugging

2024-2025 Year
The Duel Masters April 2024 Tournament04/05/2024
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