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What is a "Fast" game? There are two types -
1. - A fast game can be games that take less than 20 moves to complete. Such as Quarto, Shake Rattle and Roll, or Camette.
2. - A fast game can be games that only take a minute or two to make up your mind what play to make. Such as Loco Ochos, Switch, or Diagonal Duel 3 point.
Games like chess, checkers and other games that sometimes take as much as 7 - 15 minutes or more to make a move, are long games. So, If you like games that play fast and are fun you can either send me a message or click on The A Fast Games Club. The club is open invites to anyone who would like to join in on the fun. Thank you for checking us out. Smiling

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The 2nd Group Club Championships Tournament
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Club Owner: MrLarry47
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