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Welcome to The Flying-King Checkers Club.

I am changing its name from Flying Kings around the switch from 2017 to 2018 according to Reykjavik's time as they go by UTC year-round. The FLYING KINGS Club was this club's name for many years. I found a post by King Arthur, that is, King Arthur, dated at 5:10PM on 11 August 2011 and think that this club's name was Flying Kings back then. Today is New Year's Eve 2017 or 31 December 2017.

While I have nothing against the old name another player was concerned that it might not appeal to those who played Checkers. During discussion T-Rex suggested Flying-King Checkers or Flying-King Draughts were I to change the name while keeping the reference to flying kings. I chose the former. I thank my officers for their advice. M3

swordfighting to the rightGENERAL INFORMATION

swordfighting to the right The Flying-King Checkers Club specialises in Checkers Variants with Flying Kings!!!
swordfighting to the right The Flying-King Checkers Club has Teams, Ladders and chit-chat.

Borrowed Rules Wikis
[ Roberto's Rules of Draughts ]

swordfighting to the right CURRENT TOURNAMENTS
The Jan 2019 — Checkers, Draughts, Chess Tournament Site Tournament
The SiteWide Club Vs Club Checkers May 2018 Tournament
The Dec 2017 - Christmas Checker Challenge Tournament

swordfighting to the right COMPLETED TOURNAMENTS
The Flying Kings September Equinox Tournament
The Feb 2017 -- Flying Kings Double Elimination Tournament
The Mar 2017 -- Flying Kings Challengers Tournament

[ Flying-King Checkers: All Tournament Results ]

Flying-King Checkers 11 Man Ballot Team Members
1.Sea Breeze[ invite ]
Flying-King Checkers Members
Club Officers
Club Owner: M3
President: Kookaburra
President: T-Rex
President: The Boccia Surgeon
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