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This club is going to be different than most of the clubs on GT! First & Foremost we are a group of Christians who want to enjoy the fellowship of other like-minded believers. We are dedicated to Jesus Christ & all that He teaches & asks of His followers. It is our mission to reflect the JOY we feel in being Christians. We invite you to join us in fellowship and worship, and making Cornerstone a club that GLORIFIES our Heavenly Father. 

Our mission is to provide a place here for those who enjoy not only the great & entertaining games GT provides; but also actively seek the camaraderie of other believers as we journey through this life. It is the saving grace of Jesus Christ's blood shed on the Cross at Calvary for every sinner, and our faith in that salvation that God has provided, that draws and ties us into a closely knit community. We want to be a part of you finding a close ... or closer, relationship with the Heavenly Father. Please join our family as we all seek to find and fulfill the future as He directs.

It is our belief that God is Sovereign, and we believe all that the Bible has to say; That we are all sinners in need of the saving grace that God has provided for each of us. He is the CORNERSTONE on which we seek to build our lives and it is His Way that we choose to follow. Please join us in our journey as we try to help spread His Light to as many as possible.

May God bless our efforts in His Holy name ... AMEN

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