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Can't find anyone cooler than Fonzie ? Thumbs up
Still wearing your legwarmers?
Do you still cry at the movie E.T.?
Still trying to figure out that Rubik's Cube?
Wish you could drive the General Lee ?
Wondering what life would be like as a Cosby kid?
Love to dance around the house to Van Halen or Twisted Sister?

Well then this the the club for you !!!
It's time to have a Flashdance flashback and dance like you never danced before...Dancing

Everything we do is 80's related, with a little bit of the 70's tossed in for good measure...

So take a walk down memory lane..
Dust off your Rick Springfield and David Cassidy albums...
Get your Rocky and Terminator VHS tapes from the basement...
Unroll your crinkled Farrah Fawcett and Molly Ringwald posters...

And have fun !!!

Or Mr. T will pity the fool who doesn't !!!
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Club Owner: monkeytyper
President: Callie
President: squirrel
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