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Hi I don't intend to do much work with this club.

I only created it because there are so many Christian clubs I didn't want people to leave the site for lack of a good Atheist League.

The name comes from the TV show "South Park" by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I could have called it the humanist, agnostic or even the gnostic club, but oh well.

Chat play classic ladders if you like. Anything else will have to come from you the membership.


PS this is not a children's club enter at your own risk. Parents please watch your children's online behavior!

If you take offense easily please do not join.

Peace be with you.
Club Officers
Club Owner: Oakheart
Vice Pres: TabbyCat
This club is open for anyone to join. However, you do not currently have the required Silver Level Membership needed to join a club. You will need to purchase a Silver Level Membership if you want to join this club.