The OmniStackers Double Trouble Four In a Row Players
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2.grade1teacher[ invite ]
The OmniStackers Members
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The OmniStackers Information
The OmniStackers Club play all Four in a Row variants. Most of us are expert in at least one variant and competent in most of the others. However mastery of a Four in a Row variant isn't necessary to become a member, a friendly disposition, willingness to contribute and long term commitment to the club are more important.
The OmniStackers are a merger of the Dukes of Stackosphere 4iar club and the ZeroG Djinnis Zero G 4iar Club.

Club tournaments

4iar Club Tourney Nov 01 ]grade1teacher
ZeroG Club Tourney Feb 02 ]McStack/MIA 2352 (quiltin_maniac)
QS Club Tourney Jun 02 ]Nukhulls
Allspots Club Tourney Aug 02 ]McStack
Free-for-all Club Tourney Sep 02 ]JK/McStack
Giveaway 4iar Club Tourney Jan 03 ]Nukhulls
Regular 4iar Club Tourney Feb 03 ]grade1teacher/McStack
ZeroG Club Tourney Jun 03 ]McStack
QS Club Tourney Sep 03 ]grade1teacher
Allspots Club Tourney Mar 04 ]grade1teacher
Warp Factor 9 Club Tourney Sep 07 ]Sign-up

Club Challenges

We're Together Multi 4iar Challenge Feb 04 ]{ Club }Starting0-0
KOTPP 4iar Challenge Dec 03 ]{ Club }Round 1 in progress36-4
WolfPack Hotspot Challenge Sep 03 ]The Wolf Pack ClubCompletedWin 138-12
MASHTOWN ZeroG Challenge Sep 03 ]{ Club }CompletedLost 44-56
Rebels Multi 4iar Challenge May 03 ]{ Club }CompletedWin 64-16
MASHTOWN QS Challenge Apr 03 ]{ Club }CompletedWin 68-32
MASHTOWN DT Challenge Dec 02 ]{ Club }CompletedWin 103-41
DogPound Challenge Jun 02 ] (all variants){ Club }CompletedTied 16-16

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Club Officers
Club Owner: grade1teacher