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We play Chess For Fun!
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Wow, a chimp that plays Chess.. she must be very smart!
She’s not that smart.. I beat her 2 out of 3! Winking 3

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Twinkly black horse The Chess4Fun Home for the Holidays Tournament #11182
    • Swiss Pairing
    • 3 Rounds - 1 match per round
    • Win = 2 pts; Draw = 1 pt; Loss = 0 pts
Starts: Thursday, 26 Nov 2020

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All participants receive the Chess4Fun Particpant token, win or lose

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All winners receive the Chess4Fun Winner token

Thank you for joining and best of luck in your match

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Checkmate in Four!

Checkmate in Two!

Open Game - White wins in 32 moves
Club Officers
Club Owner: quietman
President: Oakheart
President: Rogue Trooper
Referee: Ishkabibble
Referee: Kingpin1
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