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(#5292520) YOU MUST COMPLY
Posted by The Spades Master on 11 Oct 2021 at 12:41AM
The Covid Phobia
by tony hall
(word count: 463 words)

John Elliot was called to his daughter's junior high school.
Upon arrival, he drove his Honda directly to the ambulance parked beside the crowded track field. His daughter, Lisa, was laying on a cot, wearing an oxygen mask, surrounded by members and the coaching staff of her track team. A pair of paramedics were treating her.

Everyone but john was wearing a mask.

"I'm Lisa's father. What happened here? Is lisa all right?"

"She'll be fine," the taller paramedic said. "She feinted from oxygen deprivation while running the mile with a mask on."

John turned to Coach Robbins. "You made my daughter wear a mask in 95-degree temperature?!"

"Mr. Elliot, I was merely following the county policies regarding Covid-19 safety. Everyone must wear a mask while on school premises. By the way, you need to put one on, as well."

"What?! I was called here because I was told my daughter had a medical emergency... that your stupid policies apparently caused!"

Coach Robbins folded her arms in front of her chest. "If you refuse to comply, i will be forced to call security to escort you off the property."

Dumbfounded, John looked to the paramedics. "Do you guys agree with the medical science behind this policy?"

The shorter of the pair said under his breath, "Don't look at me, mister, I don't want any more trouble from the city. They already fired half our staff for refusing to get a Covid shot-- even though they all had natural immunity, which is 17 times greater protection than the actual Covid shot itself! if I were you, I'd just keep my mouth shut and follow orders."

The taller one whispered, "We're just trying to stay under the radar, Mr. Elliot. The government's given no scientific data to support masking pre-teens or that covid is a bigger danger to them than even the flu, but what can I do? if I publicly disagree, they'll label me a domestic terrorist and fire me...or worse." he disconnected the medical equipment from Lisa.

"Your daughter's awake now, Mr. Elliot." He saluted john. "We're outta here."

John helped his daughter off the cot. "Are you ok, honey?"

"I'll be fine, Daddy. Just feel a bit light-headed."

The other girls surrounded John and Lisa, chanting, "Put on your masks! Put on your masks! Put on your masks!"

Coach Robbins approached them and slammed her hand on the Honda's hood.

"Are you two trying to murder us? Put on a gosh-darn mask or get the heck off the premises!"

John looked at the mob, then at his daughter. He put his arm around her shoulder.

"Let's go, honey." He turned to coach Robbins and gave her a mock salute. "We're outta here."

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