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What word best describes the Chinese New Year festival?
Tradition 31%
Festive 15%
Colorful 15%
Dragons 15%
Lunisolar 8%
Prosperity 8%
Lanterns 8%
Legacy 0%
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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
5464511Re: Word for the week Silkwood4 Feb 2023 10:24AM
5464499Re: Word for the week Candy Cane Kaz4 Feb 2023 9:24AM
5464497Re: Word for the week HeartOnFire4 Feb 2023 9:19AM
5464491Word for the week Jools4 Feb 2023 9:10AM
5464458Re: Poll results HeartOnFire4 Feb 2023 7:40AM
5464106Poll results Jools3 Feb 2023 5:14AM
5464036Re: Word for the week HeartOnFire2 Feb 2023 9:49PM
5463523Re: Coming soon! Lil Red1 Feb 2023 11:27AM
5463516Re: Coming soon! Jools1 Feb 2023 11:17AM
5463508Re: Coming soon! Lil Red1 Feb 2023 10:49AM
5463444Coming soon! Jools1 Feb 2023 6:28AM
5462659Re: Word for the week dickfrank29 Jan 2023 5:50PM
5462587Re: Word for the week **Lover of Darkness**29 Jan 2023 2:19PM
5461102Re: Word for the week LittleTree24 Jan 2023 4:26PM
5461095Re: Word for the week Clem361024 Jan 2023 4:12PM
5461088Re: Word for the week eliphont55124 Jan 2023 3:15PM
5461051Re: Word for the week Candy Cane Kaz24 Jan 2023 12:24PM
5460994Re: Word for the week Silkwood24 Jan 2023 9:39AM
5460990Word for the week Jools24 Jan 2023 9:29AM
5458191Re: Word for Wednesday - definitions LittleTree16 Jan 2023 9:09AM
5457749Re: Word for Wednesday - definitions Candy Cane Kaz15 Jan 2023 3:27AM
5457669Re: Word for Wednesday - definitions hoof hearted14 Jan 2023 7:16PM
5457409Re: Word for Wednesday - definitions Silkwood14 Jan 2023 6:33AM
5457292Re: Word for Wednesday - definitions HeartOnFire13 Jan 2023 8:55PM
5457129Re: Word for Wednesday - definitions EZZ913 Jan 2023 11:27AM
5456470Re: Word for Wednesday - definitions dickfrank11 Jan 2023 1:18PM
5456459Re: Word for Wednesday - definitions ladyvic11 Jan 2023 12:15PM
5456447Re: Word for Wednesday - definitions Clem361011 Jan 2023 11:36AM
5456444Word for Wednesday - definitions Jools11 Jan 2023 11:29AM
5456429Re: Word for the week Jools11 Jan 2023 10:27AM
5456184Re: Word for the week hoof hearted10 Jan 2023 3:37PM
5454475Re: Word for the week HeartOnFire5 Jan 2023 6:46PM
5454308Re: Word for the week Silkwood5 Jan 2023 10:49AM
5453951Re: Poll results Lil Red4 Jan 2023 9:02AM
5453940Re: Word for the week monkeytyper4 Jan 2023 7:59AM
5453932Re: Word for the week **Lover of Darkness**4 Jan 2023 7:08AM
5453930Re: Word for the week Clem36104 Jan 2023 7:03AM
5453928Word for the week Jools4 Jan 2023 6:53AM
5453923Poll results Jools4 Jan 2023 6:44AM
5453603Re: Christmas Word Challenge - winners Jools3 Jan 2023 9:14AM
5451639Re: Third Christmas Contest Jools28 Dec 2022 10:19PM
5451635Re: Christmas Word Challenge Jools28 Dec 2022 9:45PM
5449216Christmas Word Challenge Jools22 Dec 2022 7:52AM
5449213Poll results Jools22 Dec 2022 7:33AM
5448236Re: Word for the week hoof hearted19 Dec 2022 9:25AM
5447918Re: Word for the week monkeytyper18 Dec 2022 9:10AM
5447839Re: Word for the week Candy Cane Kaz18 Dec 2022 3:19AM
5447770Re: Word for the week csain117 Dec 2022 11:02PM
5447693Re: Word for the week HeartOnFire17 Dec 2022 3:08PM
5447551Re: Word for the week *Gary*17 Dec 2022 7:17AM
5447398Re: Word for the week Kat16 Dec 2022 3:57PM
5447396Re: Word for the week eliphont55116 Dec 2022 3:31PM
5447326Re: Word for the week ladyvic16 Dec 2022 2:51PM
5447302Re: Word for the week gertess16 Dec 2022 11:01AM
5447296Re: Word for the week Lil Red16 Dec 2022 10:24AM
5447289Re: Word for the week Silkwood16 Dec 2022 9:44AM
5447288Re: Second Christmas Contest Jools16 Dec 2022 9:43AM
5447282Third Christmas Contest Jools16 Dec 2022 9:31AM
5447281Word for the week Jools16 Dec 2022 9:25AM
5445899New poll is up Jools11 Dec 2022 9:46PM
5445372Re: Poll results Candy Cane Kaz10 Dec 2022 8:35AM
5445370Poll results Jools10 Dec 2022 8:28AM
5445339Re: Word for the week gertess10 Dec 2022 6:28AM
5445275Re: Word for the week Jools10 Dec 2022 3:43AM
5445155Re: Word for the week gertess9 Dec 2022 3:00PM
5445035Re: First Christmas Contest - closed Jools9 Dec 2022 6:17AM
5445033Second Christmas Contest Jools9 Dec 2022 6:04AM
5444047Re: Word for the week Lil Red6 Dec 2022 11:32AM
5444030Re: Word for the week monkeytyper6 Dec 2022 7:59AM
5443800Re: Word for the week csain15 Dec 2022 6:09PM
5443699Re: Word for the week HeartOnFire5 Dec 2022 11:52AM
5443648Re: Word for the week **Lover of Darkness**5 Dec 2022 9:09AM
5443645Re: Word for the week Kat5 Dec 2022 8:54AM
5443627Re: Word for the week Silkwood5 Dec 2022 6:23AM
5443616Re: Word for the week Clem36105 Dec 2022 5:44AM
5443615Re: Word for the week Candy Cane Kaz5 Dec 2022 5:41AM
5443597Re: Word for the week eliphont5515 Dec 2022 4:33AM
5443422Word for the week Jools4 Dec 2022 10:19PM
5442775Re: Poll results Silkwood3 Dec 2022 6:32AM
5442755New WOTD poll Jools3 Dec 2022 5:25AM
5442698Poll results Jools3 Dec 2022 2:53AM
5442037First Christmas Contest Jools1 Dec 2022 6:39AM
5440222Christmas tokens Jools26 Nov 2022 12:12PM
5439820Re: Poll results ladyvic25 Nov 2022 1:34PM
5439799Re: Word for the week Lil Red25 Nov 2022 12:17PM
5439642Poll results Jools25 Nov 2022 3:47AM
5439515Re: Word for the week HeartOnFire24 Nov 2022 5:55PM
5439434Re: Word for the week ladyvic24 Nov 2022 2:08PM
5439277Re: Word for the week Silkwood24 Nov 2022 6:10AM
5439230Re: Word for the week Candy Cane Kaz24 Nov 2022 3:22AM
5439225Re: Word for the week **Lover of Darkness**24 Nov 2022 2:59AM
5439183Word for the week Jools24 Nov 2022 1:22AM
5438351Re: Weekend Word Kat21 Nov 2022 8:28AM
5438185Re: Weekend Word GinnyB21 Nov 2022 12:07AM
5438182Re: Weekend Word **Lover of Darkness**20 Nov 2022 11:27PM
5438180Gold BettyAnn20 Nov 2022 10:54PM
5438173Re: Weekend Word Jools20 Nov 2022 9:54PM
5438080Re: Weekend Word Kat20 Nov 2022 1:13PM
5437947Re: Weekend Word ladyvic20 Nov 2022 6:07AM
5437812Re: Weekend Word HeartOnFire19 Nov 2022 6:45PM
5437624Re: Weekend Word Silkwood19 Nov 2022 9:53AM
5437545Re: Weekend Word Candy Cane Kaz19 Nov 2022 5:43AM
5437539Re: Weekend Word eliphont55119 Nov 2022 5:20AM
5437535Weekend Word Jools19 Nov 2022 5:04AM
5437529(no subject) Jools19 Nov 2022 4:52AM
5434886Re: Weekly words - synonyms EZZ910 Nov 2022 10:53AM
5434710Re: Weekly words - synonyms **Lover of Darkness**9 Nov 2022 4:01PM
5434568Re: Weekly words - synonyms hoof hearted9 Nov 2022 5:15AM
5434412Re: Weekly words - synonyms HeartOnFire8 Nov 2022 5:48PM
5434298Re: Weekly words - synonyms Kat8 Nov 2022 11:23AM
5434294Re: Weekly words - synonyms Jools8 Nov 2022 11:16AM
5434290Re: Weekly words - synonyms Kat8 Nov 2022 10:58AM
5434272Re: Weekly words - synonyms Lil Red8 Nov 2022 9:24AM
5434223Re: Weekly words - synonyms Silkwood8 Nov 2022 6:02AM
5434204Re: Weekly words - synonyms ladyvic8 Nov 2022 5:16AM
5434199Re: Weekly words - synonyms hoot8 Nov 2022 4:39AM
5434197Re: Weekly words - synonyms eliphont5518 Nov 2022 4:34AM
5434176Re: Weekly words - synonyms Candy Cane Kaz8 Nov 2022 3:07AM
5434087Weekly words - synonyms Jools7 Nov 2022 10:29PM
5433170Re: WOD synonyms Jools5 Nov 2022 7:49AM
5432962Re: Poll results HeartOnFire4 Nov 2022 1:44PM
5432885Re: Poll results Silkwood4 Nov 2022 6:15AM
5432881Poll results Jools4 Nov 2022 6:10AM
5431433Re: WOD synonyms GinnyB30 Oct 2022 11:46PM
5431422Re: WOD synonyms csain130 Oct 2022 10:29PM
5430933Re: WOD synonyms Kat29 Oct 2022 1:06PM
5430790Re: WOD synonyms Lil Red29 Oct 2022 8:27AM
5430749Re: Weekend word - poll Jools29 Oct 2022 6:37AM
5430745Re: WOD synonyms Silkwood29 Oct 2022 6:29AM
5430736Re: WOD synonyms **Lover of Darkness**29 Oct 2022 6:08AM
5430726Re: WOD synonyms HeartOnFire29 Oct 2022 5:43AM
5430724Re: WOD synonyms eliphont55129 Oct 2022 5:41AM
5430701Re: WOD synonyms hoot29 Oct 2022 5:30AM
5430698Re: WOD synonyms Candy Cane Kaz29 Oct 2022 5:22AM
5430697Re: WOD synonyms *Gary*29 Oct 2022 5:04AM
5430687WOD synonyms Jools29 Oct 2022 4:14AM
5429040Re: Weekend word HeatherN23 Oct 2022 10:04PM
5429009Re: Polls results hoof hearted23 Oct 2022 7:56PM
5428880Re: Polls results Kat23 Oct 2022 11:11AM
5428879Re: Weekend word Kat23 Oct 2022 11:11AM
5428813Polls results Jools23 Oct 2022 7:27AM
5428781Re: Weekend word csain123 Oct 2022 5:19AM
5428774Re: Weekend word *Gary*23 Oct 2022 4:47AM
5428732Re: Weekend word csain123 Oct 2022 2:28AM
5428698Re: Weekend word GinnyB22 Oct 2022 11:23PM
5428649Re: Weekend word **Lover of Darkness**22 Oct 2022 6:53PM
5428638Re: Weekend word Clem361022 Oct 2022 5:36PM
5428637Re: Weekend word Silkwood22 Oct 2022 5:31PM
5428607Re: Weekend word eliphont55122 Oct 2022 2:57PM
5428602Re: Weekend word Candy Cane Kaz22 Oct 2022 2:48PM
5428589Re: Weekend word Jools22 Oct 2022 2:25PM
5428582Re: Weekend word Silkwood22 Oct 2022 1:48PM
5428559Re: Weekend word HeartOnFire22 Oct 2022 11:04AM
5428553Weekend word Jools22 Oct 2022 10:56AM
5426218New poll Jools15 Oct 2022 6:25AM
5426171Re: Weekend Word Jools15 Oct 2022 2:34AM
5426052Re: Weekend Word hoof hearted14 Oct 2022 6:30PM
5425867Poll Results Jools14 Oct 2022 6:38AM
5424477Re: Weekend Word HeartOnFire9 Oct 2022 9:09PM
5424476Re: Weekend Word csain19 Oct 2022 9:00PM
5424124Re: Weekend Word Kat8 Oct 2022 7:38PM
5424107Re: Weekend Word Silkwood8 Oct 2022 6:13PM
5424083Re: Weekend Word HeatherN8 Oct 2022 5:51PM
5423945Re: Weekend Word Candy Cane Kaz8 Oct 2022 9:02AM
5423937Re: Weekend Word *Gary*8 Oct 2022 8:47AM
5423905New poll Jools8 Oct 2022 6:30AM
5423888Weekend Word Jools8 Oct 2022 6:14AM
5423601Re: Weekend Words Jools7 Oct 2022 8:22AM
5422236Re: Weekend Words HeartOnFire3 Oct 2022 7:34PM
5422091Re: Weekend Words ladyvic3 Oct 2022 10:08AM
5422039Re: Weekend Words Kat3 Oct 2022 7:31AM
5422034Re: Weekend Words Candy Cane Kaz3 Oct 2022 7:27AM
5422027Poll results Jools3 Oct 2022 7:18AM
5421989Re: Weekend Words Silkwood3 Oct 2022 6:06AM
5421892Re: Weekend Words csain13 Oct 2022 1:29AM
5421887Re: Weekend Words **Lover of Darkness**2 Oct 2022 11:57PM
5421885Weekend Words Jools2 Oct 2022 11:45PM
5417292New poll Jools20 Sep 2022 9:23PM
5416930Re: Weekend Word HeartOnFire19 Sep 2022 5:55PM
5416681Re: Poll results Silkwood18 Sep 2022 7:56PM
5416628Re: Poll results ladyvic18 Sep 2022 4:50PM
5416579Poll results Jools18 Sep 2022 1:35PM
5416369Re: Weekend Word csain117 Sep 2022 11:28PM
5416351Re: Weekend Word BettyAnn17 Sep 2022 8:57PM
5416318Re: Weekend Word Kat17 Sep 2022 5:54PM
5416180Re: Weekend Word ladyvic17 Sep 2022 7:28AM
5416169Re: Weekend Word Clem361017 Sep 2022 6:38AM
5416154Re: Weekend Word Silkwood17 Sep 2022 6:15AM
5416141Re: Weekend Word **Lover of Darkness**17 Sep 2022 5:50AM
5416132Re: Weekend Word Candy Cane Kaz17 Sep 2022 5:08AM
5416128Re: Weekend Word eliphont55117 Sep 2022 5:00AM
5416099Weekend Word Jools17 Sep 2022 3:34AM
5416001Re: Word for Wednesday HeartOnFire16 Sep 2022 9:39PM
5415372Re: Word for Wednesday Jools14 Sep 2022 9:15PM
5415364Re: Word for Wednesday **Lover of Darkness**14 Sep 2022 8:22PM
5415301Re: Word for Wednesday Silkwood14 Sep 2022 3:25PM
5415299Re: Word for Wednesday eliphont55114 Sep 2022 3:15PM
5415297Re: Word for Wednesday Kat14 Sep 2022 3:13PM
5415260Re: Word for Wednesday csain114 Sep 2022 1:01PM
5415237Re: Word for Wednesday Clem361014 Sep 2022 10:45AM
5415224Re: Word for Wednesday Candy Cane Kaz14 Sep 2022 10:23AM
5415221Re: Word for Wednesday LittleTree14 Sep 2022 10:17AM
5415213Re: Word for Wednesday ladyvic14 Sep 2022 9:39AM
5415193Word for Wednesday Jools14 Sep 2022 8:00AM
5414855Re: New poll - antoyms Jools13 Sep 2022 9:33AM
5414853Re: Jools Jools13 Sep 2022 9:27AM
5408159Re: Jools Silkwood22 Aug 2022 6:33AM
5408078Re: Jools HeartOnFire22 Aug 2022 1:25AM
5408040Jools **Lover of Darkness**21 Aug 2022 5:33PM
5404443deadly Shimshin9 Aug 2022 5:39AM
5404289Re: New poll - antoyms hoof hearted8 Aug 2022 8:44PM

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