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(#5297736) Wax Paper Hack
Posted by lwmc on 24 Oct 2021 at 7:36AM
This is not my own. I got it word for word from taste if home.
But I thought it was worth sharing. Sorry if I should not have.

paper can make chores so much easier.
Weíre all in favor of cleaning hacks that make chores easier to do. This simple move will save you from hours of climbing up on a step stool to clean hard-to-reach places.
Your roll of waxed paper will save you from having dusty cabinet tops and grease splatters around the kitchen!
What Is the Waxed Paper Hack?
Itís so simple: You place a sheet of waxed paper on top of hard-to-see surfaces. Instead of sticking to the tops of cabinets, particles will stick to the surface of the waxed paper. Then, when itís time to deep clean the house, all you have to do is carefully fold the sheet up, toss it and replace with a fresh one.
If you have a powerful ceiling fan, or want to place the waxed paper somewhere that may be drafty, use double-sided tape to secure the paper in place and ensure that no dirt or grime can get underneath it.
The sheets of waxed paper should be replaced every three to four months. To help you remember, swap the sheets when you switch out seasonal decorations. For example, top the cabinets with fresh waxed paper when youíre bringing out the pumpkins for Halloween, then do it again when youíre putting away holiday decorations.

To make this kitchen hack more environmentally friendly, wipe the sheet of waxed paper with a damp cloth, and then get rid of the dust in the washing machine. You may still be dusting, but at least you donít have to reach up high to do it!
It Works Beyond the Kitchen, Too
This hack also works well in low-traffic rooms. You can line dressers and chests in a guest room that donít see much use. Right before your guests come to town, toss the dusty paper. Itís an easy way to make an out-of-town guestís visit less stressful.
Now that waxed paper has saved you from hauling out that step stool, see what other ways the humble roll can be useful around the house.
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