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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
4957939Edward Norton smooth move25 Jun 2019 9:07AM
4957936Stuart Little katja25 Jun 2019 8:54AM
4957704Edgar Rice Burroughs (US author, creator of "Tarzan") singer24 Jun 2019 2:07PM
4957675David Carradine GeorgiasGrandad24 Jun 2019 12:38PM
4957647Ron Howard fatdaddy24 Jun 2019 10:48AM
4957621Samuel Barber (US composer) singer24 Jun 2019 8:29AM
4957336Rick Moranis smooth move23 Jun 2019 3:30PM
4957207Edgar Winter fatdaddy23 Jun 2019 7:29AM
4957206Natalie Cole (singer, daughter of Nat "King" Cole) singer23 Jun 2019 7:25AM
4957203Edgar Buchanan fatdaddy23 Jun 2019 7:13AM
4957200Irene Dunne (US movie actress) singer23 Jun 2019 7:06AM
4957182Yukteswar Giri, Sri fatdaddy23 Jun 2019 5:16AM
4956883Tommy Dorsey singer22 Jun 2019 4:37AM
4956825Timmy Mallet Nipper the dog 1905522 Jun 2019 3:18AM
4956799Rupert Grint GeorgiasGrandad22 Jun 2019 1:44AM
4956759Dwight David Eisenhower fatdaddy21 Jun 2019 8:43PM
4956756Ella Fitzgerald (jazz singer) singer21 Jun 2019 8:32PM
4956749Lol Creme fatdaddy21 Jun 2019 7:44PM
4956543Lucille Ball (actress, comedienne, star of "I Love Lucy") singer21 Jun 2019 8:10AM
4956459Daniel J. Morrell smooth move20 Jun 2019 9:04PM
4956426Edmund Fitzgerald fatdaddy20 Jun 2019 6:29PM
4956385Lorne Greene katja20 Jun 2019 5:01PM
4956247Naomi Campbell GeorgiasGrandad20 Jun 2019 10:54AM
4956233Ian McKellen Sea Breeze20 Jun 2019 10:24AM
4956216Franco Zefferelli GeorgiasGrandad20 Jun 2019 9:42AM
4956208Sergei Rachmaninoff smooth move20 Jun 2019 9:20AM
4956193Richard Strauss fatdaddy20 Jun 2019 8:03AM
4956191Freddie Fender katja20 Jun 2019 7:57AM
4956190Sergei Rachmaninoff fatdaddy20 Jun 2019 7:57AM
4956189Tommy Lee Jones katja20 Jun 2019 7:53AM
4956186Adam Ant fatdaddy20 Jun 2019 7:43AM
4956181Oscar de la Renta katja20 Jun 2019 7:37AM
4956165Rocky Marciano fatdaddy20 Jun 2019 6:02AM
4956099Geoffrey Chaucer GeorgiasGrandad20 Jun 2019 3:01AM
4956064Yvonne Craig Nipper the dog 1905520 Jun 2019 1:13AM
4955857Thomas Hardy GeorgiasGrandad19 Jun 2019 1:28PM
4955852Russ Abbot smooth move19 Jun 2019 1:07PM
4955808Freddie Starr GeorgiasGrandad19 Jun 2019 10:14AM
4955745Freddie Flintoff Nipper the dog 1905519 Jun 2019 3:46AM
4955739Mary Anne Kappelhoff (Doris Day) GeorgiasGrandad19 Jun 2019 2:48AM
4955696Erich von Stroheim fatdaddy18 Jun 2019 10:39PM
4955691Robert Petrie Abby Normal18 Jun 2019 9:30PM
4955600Robert Oppenheimer fatdaddy18 Jun 2019 3:47PM
4955485Robert Wagner GeorgiasGrandad18 Jun 2019 10:33AM
4955464Margaret Vyner smooth move18 Jun 2019 8:45AM
4955462Somerset Maugham GeorgiasGrandad18 Jun 2019 8:36AM
4955458Keanu Reaves katja18 Jun 2019 7:54AM
4955422Richard Widmark GeorgiasGrandad18 Jun 2019 2:33AM
4955372Alice Cooper katja17 Jun 2019 9:46PM
4955316Isao Tomita fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 6:03PM
4955314Vincenzo Bellini smooth move17 Jun 2019 5:59PM
4955309Sergei Prokofiev fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 5:47PM
4955306Ed Ames (actor and singer, one of the Ames Brothers) singer17 Jun 2019 5:43PM
4955303Chrissie Hynde fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 5:38PM
4955301Yma Sumac (singer) singer17 Jun 2019 5:35PM
4955297Raymond Massey fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 5:32PM
4955224Yul Brynner (movie and stage actor) singer17 Jun 2019 2:19PM
4955221Ernest Hemingway smooth move17 Jun 2019 2:08PM
4955208Harper Lee (US novelist: To Kill a Mockingbird) singer17 Jun 2019 1:33PM
4955171Nellie Bligh GeorgiasGrandad17 Jun 2019 12:10PM
4955078Samuel L. Jackson fatdaddy17 Jun 2019 6:11AM
4954987Ranulph Fiennes GeorgiasGrandad17 Jun 2019 1:09AM
4954932Eddie Fisher (American singer) singer16 Jun 2019 6:45PM
4954912Edgard Varèse fatdaddy16 Jun 2019 6:00PM
4954506Olivia Cooke smooth move16 Jun 2019 2:22PM
4954343Yvonne DeCarlo (movie actress) singer16 Jun 2019 5:40AM
4954274Snoopy Nipper the dog 1905516 Jun 2019 12:43AM
4954213Frank Burns Abby Normal15 Jun 2019 5:17PM
4954129Gary Burghoff fatdaddy15 Jun 2019 2:24PM
4954088Loretta Young (US movie and TV actress) singer15 Jun 2019 10:01AM
4954080Lindsey Lohan katja15 Jun 2019 9:38AM
4954075Lowthian Bell smooth move15 Jun 2019 9:17AM
4954048Gertrude Bell katja15 Jun 2019 7:55AM
4953954Evonne Goolagong Nipper the dog 1905515 Jun 2019 1:07AM
4953944Gustin, Pete Abby Normal14 Jun 2019 10:38PM
4953820Yolanda King fatdaddy14 Jun 2019 1:57PM
4953815You and your Y's! Abby Normal14 Jun 2019 1:33PM
4953782(Sorry) Yankee Doodle Dandy GeorgiasGrandad14 Jun 2019 10:37AM
4953781Nelson, Horatio GeorgiasGrandad14 Jun 2019 10:36AM
4953780Nicole Mitchell Murphy smooth move14 Jun 2019 10:35AM
4953777Reginald Hudlin katja14 Jun 2019 10:27AM
4953774Eric Linklater GeorgiasGrandad14 Jun 2019 10:23AM
4953773Linus Roache katja14 Jun 2019 10:21AM
4953768Norman Hartnell GeorgiasGrandad14 Jun 2019 9:32AM
4953720Yvonne Green Nipper the dog 1905514 Jun 2019 4:43AM
4953660Opal Hartley fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 10:13PM
4953550Rita Moreno katja13 Jun 2019 5:20PM
4953395Sylvester (cartoon cat) singer13 Jun 2019 1:56PM
4953376Miguel de Cervantes smooth move13 Jun 2019 1:01PM
4953373Shakespeare, William GeorgiasGrandad13 Jun 2019 12:53PM
4953367Nora Charles (wife of the Thin Man) singer13 Jun 2019 12:40PM
4953334Sylvain Sylvain fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 11:30AM
4953329Elmore James Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 11:23AM
4953328Millard Fillmore fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 11:20AM
4953316Tiny Tim Abby Normal13 Jun 2019 10:49AM
4953314Xavier Cugat fatdaddy13 Jun 2019 10:47AM
4953257David Essex GeorgiasGrandad13 Jun 2019 8:39AM
4953104Stephen, King of England smooth move12 Jun 2019 9:32PM
4953002Re: Nico Torotrella katja12 Jun 2019 2:46PM
4952997Anne of Cleves (wife of Henry VIII) singer12 Jun 2019 1:58PM
4952996Re: Nico Torotrella singer12 Jun 2019 1:57PM
4952993Nico Torotrella katja12 Jun 2019 1:42PM
4952977Ricardo Montalbán fatdaddy12 Jun 2019 12:33PM
4952875Nils Bohr GeorgiasGrandad12 Jun 2019 2:40AM
4952807Roy Orbison katja11 Jun 2019 8:44PM
4952784Yul Brynner smooth move11 Jun 2019 7:18PM
4952676Gary Busey katja11 Jun 2019 9:34AM
4952632Ian Fleming (author of 007 books) singer11 Jun 2019 6:20AM
4952462Yuki Noguchi fatdaddy10 Jun 2019 4:11PM
4952121Tommy Dorsey (musician/bandleader) singer9 Jun 2019 12:12PM
4952118Rose West (mass murderer) GeorgiasGrandad9 Jun 2019 11:43AM
4952112Ava Gardner smooth move9 Jun 2019 11:33AM
4952106Nancy Sinatra (singer, daughter of Frank) singer9 Jun 2019 11:13AM
4952105Eve Arden Abby Normal9 Jun 2019 11:08AM
4952090Nigel Bruce fatdaddy9 Jun 2019 10:11AM
4951965Deanna Durbin (US singing actress) singer9 Jun 2019 12:58AM
4951962Robin Hood Nipper the dog 190559 Jun 2019 12:49AM
4951960Lana Turner. (US actress) singer9 Jun 2019 12:11AM
4951926Coco Chanel fatdaddy8 Jun 2019 7:21PM
4951836Yma Sumac (singer) singer8 Jun 2019 2:48PM
4951772Oglethorpe Tweedy fatdaddy8 Jun 2019 10:24AM
4951759Donna D'Errico smooth move8 Jun 2019 9:49AM
4951742Noel Coward (British playwright, composer, performer) singer8 Jun 2019 9:01AM
4951739Yngwie Malmsteen fatdaddy8 Jun 2019 8:58AM
4951704Samuel Ramey (operatic baritone) singer8 Jun 2019 7:42AM
4951587Harry Andrews GeorgiasGrandad8 Jun 2019 1:55AM
4951552Stacy Keach katja7 Jun 2019 9:21PM
4951548Sheila Andrews smooth move7 Jun 2019 8:51PM
4951480Kay Adams katja7 Jun 2019 3:32PM
4951440Lee Remick GeorgiasGrandad7 Jun 2019 2:12PM
4951428Morris Udall katja7 Jun 2019 1:13PM
4951427Robert Mitchum GeorgiasGrandad7 Jun 2019 1:06PM
4951425Bob Barker katja7 Jun 2019 1:05PM
4951422Oddjob fatdaddy7 Jun 2019 12:49PM
4951416Yvonne Di Carlo GeorgiasGrandad7 Jun 2019 12:33PM
4951405Leonard Nimoy fatdaddy7 Jun 2019 12:22PM
4951356William Tell katja7 Jun 2019 10:43AM
4951350Victor Meldrew GeorgiasGrandad7 Jun 2019 10:19AM
4951334Nina Dobrev smooth move7 Jun 2019 9:14AM
4951330Natasha Richardson katja7 Jun 2019 8:53AM
4951317George Washington (first President of the USA) singer7 Jun 2019 7:54AM
4951031Ryan Gosling katja6 Jun 2019 2:06PM
4951030Nelson Rockefeller singer6 Jun 2019 1:52PM
4951004Ernest Shackleton GeorgiasGrandad6 Jun 2019 1:20PM
4950973Samuel Morse smooth move6 Jun 2019 12:46PM
4950954Edison, Thomas GeorgiasGrandad6 Jun 2019 11:56AM
4950779Alice Eve katja5 Jun 2019 7:25PM
4950764Nikola Tesla fatdaddy5 Jun 2019 6:29PM
4950719Emmett J. Scanlon katja5 Jun 2019 4:03PM
4950694Salman Rushdie fatdaddy5 Jun 2019 2:47PM
4950688Sharna Burgess smooth move5 Jun 2019 2:38PM
4950685Nora Charles (wife to the Thin Man) singer5 Jun 2019 2:29PM
4950682Dmitry Chaplin katja5 Jun 2019 2:27PM
4950677Robert Redford singer5 Jun 2019 2:12PM
4950674Kim Basinger katja5 Jun 2019 2:07PM
4950670Theo Kojak GeorgiasGrandad5 Jun 2019 1:33PM
4950666Xavier Cugat (Cuban bandleader) singer5 Jun 2019 1:23PM
4950596Harpo Marx fatdaddy5 Jun 2019 9:56AM
4950573Eli Wallach katja5 Jun 2019 9:13AM
4950491Nick Nolte GeorgiasGrandad5 Jun 2019 2:48AM
4950279Leonard Cohen katja4 Jun 2019 12:51PM
4950278Linda Darnell (movie actress) singer4 Jun 2019 12:51PM
4950248Robert Crandall smooth move4 Jun 2019 12:28PM
4950236Rhett Butler (of "Gone With the Wind") singer4 Jun 2019 11:49AM
4950196Fran Drescher katja4 Jun 2019 10:53AM
4950179David Hasselhof GeorgiasGrandad4 Jun 2019 10:23AM
4950145Greg Gutfield katja4 Jun 2019 9:22AM
4950115Steven Hawking GeorgiasGrandad4 Jun 2019 8:47AM
4950105Allison Perkins smooth move4 Jun 2019 8:22AM
4950094Roseanne Roseannadanna fatdaddy4 Jun 2019 7:24AM
4950029Angus MacBadger Nipper the dog 190554 Jun 2019 2:25AM
4949947Mona Lisa katja3 Jun 2019 4:48PM
4949818Tiny Tim GeorgiasGrandad3 Jun 2019 12:16PM
4949810Syd Barrett Abby Normal3 Jun 2019 11:42AM
4949799Tico Torres smooth move3 Jun 2019 11:07AM
4949781Yves St Laurent GeorgiasGrandad3 Jun 2019 9:48AM
4949772Harry (Prince) Nipper the dog 190553 Jun 2019 9:04AM
4949737Nadar, Ralph katja3 Jun 2019 6:50AM
4949568Orson Bean Abby Normal2 Jun 2019 6:29PM
4949400Ronaldo, Christiano GeorgiasGrandad2 Jun 2019 10:05AM
4949273Sylvester Nipper the dog 190551 Jun 2019 11:42PM
4949244Sam Robards smooth move1 Jun 2019 9:13PM
4949242Shimon Peres katja1 Jun 2019 9:09PM
4949052René Descartes fatdaddy1 Jun 2019 1:06PM
4948916Sarah Roemer katja1 Jun 2019 12:09PM
4948730Noel Edmonds Nipper the dog 190551 Jun 2019 1:40AM
4948442Rex Harrison GeorgiasGrandad31 May 2019 12:35PM
4948317Little Walter smooth move31 May 2019 11:00AM
4948297Lefty Frizzell katja31 May 2019 10:04AM
4948293Isambard Kingdom Brunel GeorgiasGrandad31 May 2019 9:58AM
4948174Zbigniew Brzezinski fatdaddy31 May 2019 6:26AM
4948038Taz Nipper the dog 1905531 May 2019 12:04AM
4947936Yves Saint Laurent katja30 May 2019 3:04PM
4947858Ruth McCartney smooth move30 May 2019 12:56PM
4947808Ringo Starr katja30 May 2019 9:36AM
4947795'Enry Cooper GeorgiasGrandad30 May 2019 7:40AM
4947699Yellow Kid, The fatdaddy30 May 2019 3:15AM
4947449Nigel Thornberry katja29 May 2019 3:12PM
4947432Violet Carson GeorgiasGrandad29 May 2019 2:08PM
4947382Nikita Khrushchev fatdaddy29 May 2019 1:35PM
4947347Pamela Anderson katja29 May 2019 11:15AM
4947346Nancy Kulp smooth move29 May 2019 11:13AM
4947337Tarantino, Quentin katja29 May 2019 10:52AM
4947334Ness, Eliott (The Untouchables) GeorgiasGrandad29 May 2019 10:49AM
4947104Nancy Wilson fatdaddy29 May 2019 1:42AM
4947052Shania Twain katja28 May 2019 7:56PM
4946888Indiana Jones GeorgiasGrandad28 May 2019 12:18PM
4946827Leonardo da Vinci smooth move28 May 2019 8:06AM
4946817Theodor Seuss Geisel fatdaddy28 May 2019 6:12AM
4946774Lester Piggott GeorgiasGrandad28 May 2019 2:45AM
4946721Owl (Winnie the Pooh) Nipper the dog 1905527 May 2019 9:02PM
4946497Nino Salvaggio katja27 May 2019 9:48AM
4946495Ferdinand Magellan GeorgiasGrandad27 May 2019 9:42AM
4946482Salah Khalaf smooth move27 May 2019 8:41AM
4946360Nahid al-Rayyis fatdaddy27 May 2019 2:56AM
4946315Shere Khan ( jungle book ) Nipper the dog 1905527 May 2019 12:23AM
4946308Imelda Marcos fatdaddy26 May 2019 11:45PM
4946001Muhammed Ali GeorgiasGrandad26 May 2019 9:55AM
4945970Hamm (Toy Story) Nipper the dog 1905526 May 2019 7:43AM
4945959Noah katja26 May 2019 7:14AM
4945873Lee Marvin fatdaddy26 May 2019 1:35AM
4945865Glen Campbell smooth move25 May 2019 10:33PM
4945830Yvonne Craig fatdaddy25 May 2019 8:10PM
4945792Lady (lady and the tramp) Nipper the dog 1905525 May 2019 6:04PM
4945774Ernest P. Worrell katja25 May 2019 5:06PM
4945646Neville Duke GeorgiasGrandad25 May 2019 12:45PM
4945630Anne Boleyn (2nd wife of Henry VIII; mother of Elizabeth I) singer25 May 2019 12:02PM
4945624Nellie Fatada GeorgiasGrandad25 May 2019 11:57AM
4945611Scott Thorson smooth move25 May 2019 11:06AM
4945602Tony Curtis GeorgiasGrandad25 May 2019 10:50AM
4945577Ellie Mae Clampett katja25 May 2019 9:44AM
4945564Danger Mouse Nipper the dog 1905525 May 2019 8:35AM
4945558Natalie Wood (US movie actress) singer25 May 2019 7:17AM
4945503Nora Dunn fatdaddy25 May 2019 3:13AM
4945302George R.R. Martin smooth move24 May 2019 1:20PM
4945300Stephen King Nipper the dog 1905524 May 2019 1:08PM
4945278Langston Hughes fatdaddy24 May 2019 10:41AM
4945275Robert Peel (founder of English Police Force) GeorgiasGrandad24 May 2019 10:37AM
4945274Efrem Zimbalist Jr. fatdaddy24 May 2019 10:36AM
4945251Lionel Barrymore (US actor) singer24 May 2019 8:42AM
4945250Erwin Rommel smooth move24 May 2019 8:41AM
4945246Millard Fillmore (US President in 19th century) singer24 May 2019 8:31AM
4945243Tom (Tom and Jerry) Nipper the dog 1905524 May 2019 8:27AM
4945209George Raft GeorgiasGrandad24 May 2019 8:10AM
4945194Timothy Pickering (US government official) singer24 May 2019 7:13AM
4944875Randolph Scott GeorgiasGrandad23 May 2019 12:53PM
4944860Norbert Wiener (US mathematician, established cybernetics) singer23 May 2019 11:52AM
4944859Re: Rahel Carson (US environmentalist, author of "Silent Spring") singer23 May 2019 11:48AM
4944853Audrey Hepburn smooth move23 May 2019 11:29AM
4944851Frank Sinatra (US popular and jazz singer, actor) singer23 May 2019 11:22AM
4944841Norman Schwarzkopf GeorgiasGrandad23 May 2019 10:52AM
4944785Rahel Carson (US environmentalist, author of "Silent Spring") singer23 May 2019 6:29AM
4944700Edward Lear GeorgiasGrandad23 May 2019 2:39AM
4944583Nicolas Cage fatdaddy22 May 2019 4:27PM
4944562Paul Newman katja22 May 2019 3:25PM
4944556Maria von Trapp singer22 May 2019 3:07PM
4944540Richie Cunningham katja22 May 2019 2:22PM
4944533Rob Reiner smooth move22 May 2019 1:46PM
4944527Norman Lear katja22 May 2019 1:28PM
4944525Red Skelton GeorgiasGrandad22 May 2019 1:27PM
4944523Dylan Dreyer katja22 May 2019 1:26PM
4944502Donald Sutherland (Canadian actor, M*A*S*H) singer22 May 2019 12:50PM
4944499Yves Montand GeorgiasGrandad22 May 2019 12:46PM
4944496Igor Stravinsky (Russian composer, resident of USA from 1939) singer22 May 2019 12:44PM
4944482Niccolò Paganini smooth move22 May 2019 12:25PM
4944406Yehudi Menuhin GeorgiasGrandad22 May 2019 8:22AM
4944402Rob Roy (Scottish outlaw) singer22 May 2019 7:40AM
4944315Roberto Alomar fatdaddy22 May 2019 3:11AM
4944310Nick Hewer GeorgiasGrandad22 May 2019 2:57AM
4944269Randy Newman Sea Breeze22 May 2019 1:15AM
4944248Youssou N'Dour fatdaddy21 May 2019 9:39PM
4944246Eugene Ormandy smooth move21 May 2019 9:22PM
4944244Edgard Varèse fatdaddy21 May 2019 9:14PM
4944241Royce Gracie katja21 May 2019 9:12PM
4944239Ravi Shankar fatdaddy21 May 2019 9:10PM
4944232Alice Cooper katja21 May 2019 8:23PM
4944230Nancy Sinatra fatdaddy21 May 2019 8:21PM
4944208Angie Dickinson katja21 May 2019 7:28PM
4944180Narada fatdaddy21 May 2019 5:04PM
4944098Robert Andrews Millikan smooth move21 May 2019 2:16PM
4944059Niels Bohr fatdaddy21 May 2019 12:20PM
4944042Steve Allen (Host of Tonight Show, songwriter, comic) singer21 May 2019 11:28AM
4943986Freddie Mills GeorgiasGrandad21 May 2019 8:53AM
4943980Zach Braff Nipper the dog 1905521 May 2019 8:24AM
4943934Stan Getz (jazz musician) singer21 May 2019 4:50AM
4943877Overend Watts fatdaddy20 May 2019 11:25PM
4943876Rita Moreno smooth move20 May 2019 10:57PM
4943874Donald O'Connor fatdaddy20 May 2019 10:40PM
4943861Raymond [my father] BettyAnn20 May 2019 9:44PM
4943859Evan Turner katja20 May 2019 9:37PM
4943734Severus Snape fatdaddy20 May 2019 3:16PM
4943707Yellow Rose of Texas singer20 May 2019 2:11PM
4943705Elvis Presley smooth move20 May 2019 2:05PM
4943636Liberace GeorgiasGrandad20 May 2019 1:45PM
4943605Norman Rockwell (US illustrator) singer20 May 2019 11:39AM
4943569Terry Wogan GeorgiasGrandad20 May 2019 10:16AM
4943538Terence McNight (Radio announcer) singer20 May 2019 7:11AM
4943469Timmy Mallet Nipper the dog 1905520 May 2019 3:34AM
4943413Gustav Holst fatdaddy19 May 2019 11:07PM
4943396Edvard Grieg smooth move19 May 2019 9:12PM
4943338Erik Satie fatdaddy19 May 2019 8:20PM
4943309Gary Sinise katja19 May 2019 4:30PM
4943128Sting fatdaddy19 May 2019 11:11AM
4943123Kenny Rogers GeorgiasGrandad19 May 2019 11:04AM
4943121Nina Clock (comic strip character, Gasoline Alley) singer19 May 2019 11:00AM
4943114Yvonne Elliman fatdaddy19 May 2019 10:42AM
4943110Oprah Winfrey (US TV personality) singer19 May 2019 10:34AM
4943105Yoko Ono GeorgiasGrandad19 May 2019 10:28AM
4943100Tim Curry fatdaddy19 May 2019 9:37AM
4943082Naomi Scott (Aladdin) katja19 May 2019 8:46AM
4942958Eve Arden (actress: "Our Miss Brooks") singer18 May 2019 11:38PM
4942950Lese (my mother) BettyAnn18 May 2019 10:40PM
4942949Tony Randall katja18 May 2019 10:37PM
4942934Yves Saint Laurent (French fashion designer) singer18 May 2019 9:12PM
4942927Natalie Cassidy Nipper the dog 1905518 May 2019 7:54PM
4942882Superman fatdaddy18 May 2019 3:28PM
4942881Andy Williams smooth move18 May 2019 3:25PM
4942848Andrés Segovia fatdaddy18 May 2019 1:51PM
4942844Roseanne Roe Danna Danna Abby Normal18 May 2019 1:44PM
4942834Sammy Davis Sr. fatdaddy18 May 2019 1:06PM
4942809Tommy Smothers (US comedian) singer18 May 2019 11:46AM
4942780Ephraim Zimbalist Jr GeorgiasGrandad18 May 2019 10:04AM
4942743Edward the Black Prince Nipper the dog 1905518 May 2019 8:43AM
4942730Edgar Allan Poe smooth move18 May 2019 7:48AM
4942725Daniel Defoe Nipper the dog 1905518 May 2019 7:30AM
4942668Norma Desmond GeorgiasGrandad18 May 2019 2:58AM
4942626Richard Burton Nipper the dog 1905518 May 2019 1:38AM
4942620Daniel Webster singer18 May 2019 12:14AM
4942614El Cid Nipper the dog 1905517 May 2019 11:09PM
4942611Tammy Wynette (US country singer) singer17 May 2019 10:48PM
4942609Taylor Swift Nipper the dog 1905517 May 2019 10:42PM
4942604Davey Crockett katja17 May 2019 10:22PM
4942592Noel Coward (British playwright and actor) singer17 May 2019 9:16PM
4942439Andy Hamilton GeorgiasGrandad17 May 2019 2:53PM
4942423Imogene Coca fatdaddy17 May 2019 1:41PM
4942415Leonardo da Vinci GeorgiasGrandad17 May 2019 1:20PM
4942400Tim Staffell smooth move17 May 2019 12:47PM
4942388Kenny Everett GeorgiasGrandad17 May 2019 12:11PM
4942386Sandra Bullock Nipper the dog 1905517 May 2019 12:02PM
4942384Spike Jones fatdaddy17 May 2019 12:00PM
4942383Eli Jenkins GeorgiasGrandad17 May 2019 11:55AM
4942376Yankee Doodle singer17 May 2019 11:44AM
4942375Eli Whitney fatdaddy17 May 2019 11:37AM
4942367Ice Cube Nipper the dog 1905517 May 2019 11:06AM
4942364Dante Alighieri fatdaddy17 May 2019 11:02AM
4942363Natalie Wood (American movie actress) singer17 May 2019 11:00AM
4942359Richard North Patterson (another author) GeorgiasGrandad17 May 2019 10:41AM
4942358Eva Gabor fatdaddy17 May 2019 10:36AM
4942353Nathan Hale (American Revolutionary War hero) singer17 May 2019 10:28AM
4942350Richard Patterson (author) GeorgiasGrandad17 May 2019 10:25AM
4942348Richard Wagner (Composer of operas) singer17 May 2019 10:23AM
4942340Ry Cooder fatdaddy17 May 2019 9:40AM
4942331Noel Galagher GeorgiasGrandad17 May 2019 8:42AM
4942184Yasmin Le Bon Nipper the dog 1905517 May 2019 1:34AM
4942132Eugene Ormandy fatdaddy16 May 2019 7:16PM
4942112Nicholas Rowe (English playwright) singer16 May 2019 6:10PM
4942106Richard Chamberlain katja16 May 2019 5:48PM
4941977Nadine Gordimer (South African novelist and short-story writer) singer16 May 2019 2:58PM
4941973Emily Dickinson smooth move16 May 2019 2:40PM
4941964Edgar Allen Poe (US author singer16 May 2019 1:35PM
4941954Yakky Doodle fatdaddy16 May 2019 1:04PM
4941627Eli Whitney (US inventor of cotton gin) singer15 May 2019 5:13PM
4941529Neville Shute (author) GeorgiasGrandad15 May 2019 9:59AM
4941504Rhoda Morganstern katja15 May 2019 8:40AM
4941500Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Nipper the dog 1905515 May 2019 8:37AM
4941495Yul Brynner katja15 May 2019 8:25AM
4941481Susannah Wesley (mother of John and Charles Wesley, Methodist founders) singer15 May 2019 7:32AM
4941476Noah Cyrus katja15 May 2019 7:15AM
4941475Ethan Allen (American soldier, Revolutionary War, leader of Green Mountain Boys) singer15 May 2019 7:14AM
4941471Barney Fife katja15 May 2019 7:11AM
4941465Larry the Lamb Nipper the dog 1905515 May 2019 6:36AM
4941455George Gobel fatdaddy15 May 2019 5:55AM
4941389Yao Ming (basketball player) Nipper the dog 1905515 May 2019 1:03AM
4941341Nelson Eddy singer14 May 2019 8:18PM
4941297Irene Ryan fatdaddy14 May 2019 4:48PM
4941255Enrico Fermi GeorgiasGrandad14 May 2019 2:51PM
4941196Ivan the Terrible Nipper the dog 1905514 May 2019 12:54PM
4941151Jon Bon Jovi GeorgiasGrandad14 May 2019 8:21AM
4941061Nicki Minaj Nipper the dog 1905514 May 2019 12:28AM
4941033Frankie Avalon katja13 May 2019 8:43PM
4941032Re: Doris Day katja13 May 2019 8:43PM
4940985Yakov Smirnoff fatdaddy13 May 2019 5:24PM
4940984Re: Doris Day fatdaddy13 May 2019 5:23PM
4940978Doris Day katja13 May 2019 5:16PM
4940976George Thorogood fatdaddy13 May 2019 5:08PM
4940929Nate Dogg (US rapper) GeorgiasGrandad13 May 2019 12:06PM
4940904Ozzie Nelson fatdaddy13 May 2019 9:55AM
4940902Nemo, Captain GeorgiasGrandad13 May 2019 9:49AM
4940893Yossarian (Captain John) fatdaddy13 May 2019 8:43AM
4940824Ziggy (jungle book) Nipper the dog 1905513 May 2019 2:28AM
4940606Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez GeorgiasGrandad12 May 2019 10:13AM
4940597Odie (Garfield) Nipper the dog 1905512 May 2019 9:22AM
4940595Nemo (Finding) katja12 May 2019 9:02AM
4940575Lonnie Donegan smooth move12 May 2019 8:18AM
4940551Kenny Ball (and his jazzmen) GeorgiasGrandad12 May 2019 6:30AM
4940456Lauchpad McQuack Nipper the dog 1905511 May 2019 11:09PM
4940344Xavier Samuel (Australian actor) GeorgiasGrandad11 May 2019 2:03PM
4940298Yvette Mimieux fatdaddy11 May 2019 10:36AM
4940251Nancy (Oliver Twist) Nipper the dog 1905511 May 2019 7:48AM
4940112Ian Bannerman GeorgiasGrandad11 May 2019 1:45AM
4940105Nami (One Piece) Nipper the dog 1905511 May 2019 12:19AM

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