Time Away? - Please post here if you have an emergency, or will have an absence and cannot play on time.
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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
4922701Re: away fatdaddy27 Mar 2019 9:53PM
4921852Re: away GinnyB25 Mar 2019 11:23PM
4921563Re: away fatdaddy25 Mar 2019 2:59AM
4920445Re: away GinnyB21 Mar 2019 10:52PM
4920426Re: away GrannyPatty21 Mar 2019 8:15PM
4919749Re: away GinnyB19 Mar 2019 11:20PM
4919575Re: away vlf19 Mar 2019 3:08PM
4919286Re: away GinnyB19 Mar 2019 1:03AM
4919154away vlf18 Mar 2019 3:29PM
4918493Re: (no subject) GrannyPatty16 Mar 2019 8:16PM
4917547(no subject) vlf14 Mar 2019 2:20PM
4916726Re: Off internet PattyMac12 Mar 2019 9:55AM
4916517Off internet vlf11 Mar 2019 2:07PM
4903578Re: (no subject) llwgirl5 Feb 2019 4:23PM
4903574(no subject) loca5 Feb 2019 3:56PM
4890937out of town vlf6 Jan 2019 1:06PM
4888116Re: Moved Cheetah30 Dec 2018 10:35PM
4887880Moved PattyMac30 Dec 2018 10:38AM
4886846Re: eye and laptop problems Millie27 Dec 2018 6:08PM
4885255Re: eye and laptop problems Mary23 Dec 2018 8:51AM
4884773Re: eye and laptop problems ladyvic22 Dec 2018 5:59AM
4884706Re: eye and laptop problems GinnyB22 Dec 2018 1:17AM
4884702Re: eye and laptop problems Bluejay22 Dec 2018 1:02AM
4884641Re: eye and laptop problems aprildawn21 Dec 2018 7:44PM
4884633eye and laptop problems AZD15921 Dec 2018 7:02PM
4884154Time Away ladyvic20 Dec 2018 2:36PM
4882781Re: time off GinnyB17 Dec 2018 12:42AM
4882639Re: time off vlf16 Dec 2018 12:34PM
4882611Re: time off PattyMac16 Dec 2018 10:30AM
4882491time off vlf16 Dec 2018 12:08AM
4880671Re: EYE PROBLEMS AZD15911 Dec 2018 10:40PM
4880381Re: Taking a break Mary11 Dec 2018 8:21AM
4880369Re: EYE PROBLEMS Cheetah11 Dec 2018 7:24AM
4880152Re: Taking a break Giggles10 Dec 2018 5:00PM
4880005Re: Taking a break Hillbilly10 Dec 2018 1:03PM
4879969Re: Taking a break PattyMac10 Dec 2018 11:39AM
4879960Re: Taking a break aprildawn10 Dec 2018 11:08AM
4879952Taking a break Blue Moon10 Dec 2018 10:55AM
4879933Re: EYE PROBLEMS Bluejay10 Dec 2018 9:20AM
4879871Re: EYE PROBLEMS ladyvic10 Dec 2018 6:09AM
4879767Re: EYE PROBLEMS aprildawn9 Dec 2018 7:37PM
4879761EYE PROBLEMS AZD1599 Dec 2018 7:09PM
4877712Re: away PattyMac4 Dec 2018 4:31AM
4877614away vlf3 Dec 2018 11:21PM
4868322away vlf12 Nov 2018 2:22PM
4865367Re: away PattyMac5 Nov 2018 5:14AM
4865248away vlf5 Nov 2018 12:11AM

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