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GoldToken's 80 Image Photography Contest
Compete in GoldToken's 80 Image Photography Contest by posting your related photo in the thread under the current image. A new image will be revealed every month. A poll will be posted for voting for each image, after the image is closed.
NOTE: The images that you enter for the competition must be taken by you, a friend or family member - not searched for on the Internet.
Must be a new image, not previously used in the Photozone competition.
The current image can be found here: (unknown photo)
Win with the most entries at the end of the contest and collect a set of LIGHTBOX Photography Cards!
Soliciting for votes is strictly prohibited!
Winner tokens for 2021: (unknown photo)1(unknown photo)2(unknown photo)3(unknown photo)4(unknown photo)5(unknown photo)6(unknown photo)7(unknown photo)86(unknown photo)2nd Place6
All participants will receive a random 21st Anniversary token. High five

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(#5231780) Re: Vote for your favorite "Clock Face" image
Posted by Games Administrator on 3 May 2021 at 12:05PM
Thatís a great idea! Our next contest lists image titles of the months challenge, and under each image if you open them up, youíll find tips under the image. That is a great place also for everyone to add tips and comment or post your questions, examples etc. too. Please do make use of that contest feature.

Watching the contest over the years, youíll be pleased to know that there have been several good conversations and explanations of various photo challenges on this board. If you are having trouble or donít understand a technic, do ask here. No judgement, photographers tend to be those who enjoy/love their craft so much, they want everyone else to do it too lol. When I shot my first wedding, I was a total newbie. Didnít understand my lens, the camera,! Yet the experience was so much fun, I was totally hooked. But it was made so because I was far from alone. If it were not for the expert advice received so freely from other photographers, that would likely have been the end of the ďexperimentĒ.

What I have found over the years, is that posts can be read several different ways. We are limited in that we hear no voice with the post, and have to take it for words alone. Given that we come from English speaking communities around the world, it must be understood that different cultures see things in different ways. Thatís true from just within the United States alone. What one writes in earnest, another somehow takes as an attack. Reread the board thinking of each post as happy voices, and youíll find it feels entirely different than if you read it with angry voices.

The helpful hints and tips here are intended with a helpful spirit. People do have a right to express feeling attacked, and like Januarysnowangel above, gave her an opportunity to explain that wasnít what she meant. That is how communication works. Itís when someone wonít let something drop that it becomes an issue.

~~Mary Jo
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5231780Re: Vote for your favorite "Clock Face" image Games Administrator3 May 2021 12:05PM

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