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5311713Re: Sad News HeartOnFire30 Nov 2021 12:14PM
5311709Re: Sad News berecca30 Nov 2021 12:03PM
5311698Sad News laura lee30 Nov 2021 11:47AM
5311509Re: Prayers needed katja29 Nov 2021 8:14PM
5311431Re: Prayers needed PattyMac29 Nov 2021 3:20PM
5311360Re: Prayers needed laura lee29 Nov 2021 1:25PM
5310759Re: Freddie Mercury RIP 5 September 1946 24 November 1991 Candy Cane Kaz28 Nov 2021 3:28AM
5310579Re: Freddie Mercury RIP 5 September 1946 24 November 1991 fatdaddy27 Nov 2021 3:07PM
5310545Freddie Mercury RIP 5 September 1946 24 November 1991 phil27 Nov 2021 2:46PM
5309360Re: Prayers needed Lil Red24 Nov 2021 1:41PM
5309244Re: Prayers needed laura lee24 Nov 2021 3:55AM
5309191Re: Prayers needed fatdaddy24 Nov 2021 12:45AM
5309170Re: Prayers needed pepperbeach23 Nov 2021 9:02PM
5309070Re: Prayers needed M323 Nov 2021 2:05PM
5309068Re: Prayers needed M323 Nov 2021 2:03PM
5309067Re: Prayers needed **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB23 Nov 2021 2:02PM
5308984Re: Prayers needed marshagee23 Nov 2021 6:03AM
5308875Re: Prayers needed kittyrambo22 Nov 2021 9:32PM
5308552Re: Prayers needed Catmane21 Nov 2021 11:37PM
5308533Re: Prayers needed game_7721 Nov 2021 10:34PM
5308512Re: Prayers needed Mary21 Nov 2021 8:10PM
5308443Re: Prayers needed laura lee21 Nov 2021 3:26PM
5308407Re: Prayers needed Lil Red21 Nov 2021 2:04PM
5308175Re: Prayers needed oldog20 Nov 2021 10:33PM
5307997Re: Prayers needed aprildawn20 Nov 2021 9:15AM
5307945Re: Prayers needed z71cat20 Nov 2021 5:51AM
5307820Re: Prayers needed fatdaddy20 Nov 2021 12:49AM
5307700Re: Prayers needed laura lee19 Nov 2021 3:07PM
5307697Re: Prayers needed z71cat19 Nov 2021 2:58PM
5307653Re: Prayers needed Jools19 Nov 2021 1:05PM
5307598Re: Prayers needed bookfox19 Nov 2021 10:19AM
5307372Re: Prayers needed GinnyB18 Nov 2021 10:24PM
5307313Re: Prayers needed kellymcinaz18 Nov 2021 6:09PM
5307168Re: Prayers needed pepperbeach18 Nov 2021 9:50AM
5307166Re: Prayers needed PattyMac18 Nov 2021 9:19AM
5307161Re: Prayers needed Lil Red18 Nov 2021 8:59AM
5307150Re: Prayers needed steve11118 Nov 2021 8:11AM
5307137Prayers needed laura lee18 Nov 2021 7:43AM
5306305Re: Update game_7715 Nov 2021 10:42PM
5303205Re: Update Brown_Velvet7 Nov 2021 7:07AM
5303193Re: Update anguslady7 Nov 2021 6:20AM
5302483Re: Update fatdaddy4 Nov 2021 11:35PM
5302045Re: Update GinnyB3 Nov 2021 11:25PM
5301609Re: Update ellieoop2 Nov 2021 6:46PM
5301470Re: Update stormy rebel2 Nov 2021 11:10AM
5301246Re: Update **Lover of Darkness**1 Nov 2021 10:56PM
5301236Re: Update katja1 Nov 2021 9:33PM
5301214Re: Update oldog1 Nov 2021 8:19PM
5301153Re: Update Mary1 Nov 2021 6:13PM
5301081Re: Update eliphont5511 Nov 2021 2:48PM
5301058Re: Update Lil Red1 Nov 2021 2:11PM
5301046Re: Update berecca1 Nov 2021 1:35PM
5301040Re: Update Hillbilly1 Nov 2021 1:12PM
5301017Re: Update **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB1 Nov 2021 12:09PM
5300940Re: Update steve1111 Nov 2021 11:25AM
5300932Re: Update PattyMac1 Nov 2021 11:13AM
5300869Re: Update z71cat1 Nov 2021 8:17AM
5300862Re: Update quietman1 Nov 2021 8:05AM
5300844Re: Update laura lee1 Nov 2021 7:43AM
5300842Re: Update Susie1 Nov 2021 7:39AM
5300840Update oldog1 Nov 2021 7:37AM
5290385Re: Happy Anniversary GoldToken! ladyvic6 Oct 2021 6:37AM
5290257Ozallan BettyAnn6 Oct 2021 12:17AM
5290040Happy Anniversary GoldToken! ladyvic5 Oct 2021 2:17PM
5276610Re: Woodhead Larry fatdaddy2 Sep 2021 9:15AM
5275968Re: Woodhead Larry Mary1 Sep 2021 8:13AM
5275738Re: Woodhead Larry nylady4131 Aug 2021 5:37PM
5275646Re: Woodhead Larry pepperbeach31 Aug 2021 1:46PM
5275633Re: Woodhead Larry Lil Red31 Aug 2021 12:41PM
5275627Re: Woodhead Larry Catmane31 Aug 2021 12:28PM
5275572Re: Woodhead Larry PattyMac31 Aug 2021 7:44AM
5275571Re: Woodhead Larry laura lee31 Aug 2021 7:42AM
5275564Re: Woodhead Larry quietman31 Aug 2021 7:12AM
5275561Re: Woodhead Larry LittleTree31 Aug 2021 7:06AM
5275560Re: Woodhead Larry stormy rebel31 Aug 2021 7:04AM
5275558Re: Woodhead Larry steve11131 Aug 2021 7:00AM
5275551Woodhead Larry Gilbertei31 Aug 2021 6:19AM
5272143Re: Sir Geoff Hillbilly22 Aug 2021 7:48PM
5272094Sir Geoff nylady4122 Aug 2021 4:37PM
5253778Re: In passing.. bookfox1 Jul 2021 5:50PM
5253738Re: In passing.. kittyrambo1 Jul 2021 3:36PM
5253604Re: In passing.. quietman1 Jul 2021 11:07AM
5253600Re: In passing.. Lil Red1 Jul 2021 10:58AM
5253556Re: In passing.. LittleTree1 Jul 2021 9:19AM
5253552Re: In passing.. quietman1 Jul 2021 9:04AM
5253528Re: In passing.. stormy rebel1 Jul 2021 7:57AM
5253511In passing.. quietman1 Jul 2021 6:49AM
5250355Re: I just got of the hospital Mary23 Jun 2021 10:16AM
5250004Re: I just got of the hospital ellieoop22 Jun 2021 1:34PM
5249975Re: I just got of the hospital PattyMac22 Jun 2021 10:05AM
5249973Re: I just got of the hospital pepperbeach22 Jun 2021 9:58AM
5249962Re: I just got of the hospital Lil Red22 Jun 2021 9:10AM
5249878Re: I just got of the hospital ladyvic22 Jun 2021 5:19AM
5249789Re: I just got of the hospital GinnyB22 Jun 2021 1:47AM
5249762Re: I just got of the hospital fatdaddy21 Jun 2021 8:50PM
5249743Re: I just got of the hospital **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB21 Jun 2021 7:00PM
5249725Re: I just got of the hospital Brown_Velvet21 Jun 2021 5:54PM
5249724Re: I just got of the hospital bookfox21 Jun 2021 5:51PM
5249717I just got of the hospital Nancy21 Jun 2021 5:13PM
5245841Re: GrannyPatty csain111 Jun 2021 3:15AM
5245780Re: GrannyPatty GinnyB11 Jun 2021 1:22AM
5245662Re: GrannyPatty fatdaddy10 Jun 2021 3:19PM
5245596Re: GrannyPatty z71cat10 Jun 2021 12:21PM
5245543Re: GrannyPatty katja10 Jun 2021 10:05AM
5245386Re: GrannyPatty volvath9 Jun 2021 11:52PM
5245385Re: GrannyPatty ellieoop9 Jun 2021 11:14PM
5245341Re: GrannyPatty nylady419 Jun 2021 6:39PM
5245334Re: GrannyPatty bookfox9 Jun 2021 5:46PM
5245330Re: GrannyPatty PattyMac9 Jun 2021 5:06PM
5245271Re: GrannyPatty Jools9 Jun 2021 2:26PM
5245269Re: GrannyPatty grade1teacher9 Jun 2021 2:24PM
5245268Re: GrannyPatty hoot9 Jun 2021 2:22PM
5245257Re: GrannyPatty berecca9 Jun 2021 1:12PM
5245256Re: GrannyPatty Brown_Velvet9 Jun 2021 1:09PM
5245253Re: GrannyPatty Lil Red9 Jun 2021 12:43PM
5245251Re: GrannyPatty ladyvic9 Jun 2021 12:38PM
5245249Re: GrannyPatty **YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB9 Jun 2021 12:35PM
5245232Re: GrannyPatty ditzyblue9 Jun 2021 11:47AM
5245226Re: GrannyPatty pepperbeach9 Jun 2021 11:05AM
5245219Re: GrannyPatty stormy rebel9 Jun 2021 10:43AM
5245215Re: GrannyPatty Hillbilly9 Jun 2021 10:36AM
5245213Re: GrannyPatty Mary9 Jun 2021 10:32AM
5245208Re: GrannyPatty steve1119 Jun 2021 9:58AM
5245204Re: GrannyPatty Grover9 Jun 2021 9:36AM
5245160Re: GrannyPatty laura lee9 Jun 2021 7:35AM
5245159Re: GrannyPatty LittleTree9 Jun 2021 7:31AM
5245158GrannyPatty kittyrambo9 Jun 2021 7:29AM

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