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4819483Jane's Addiction Abby Normal19 Jul 2018 6:52PM
4819392I Alone -- Live Robyn Hode19 Jul 2018 1:54PM
4819390Have You Seen Her? - The Chi-lites Abby Normal19 Jul 2018 1:50PM
4819319Grapefruit Moon ☂ Tom Waits baron_backgammon19 Jul 2018 12:23PM
4819295For What it's Worth fatdaddy19 Jul 2018 11:12AM
4819238Eight Days A Week -- The Beatles Robyn Hode19 Jul 2018 7:14AM
4819167Don't Leave Me This Way - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes & The Communards EZZ919 Jul 2018 1:23AM
4819124California Girls fatdaddy18 Jul 2018 10:05PM
4819068Bring Me To Life -- Evanescence Robyn Hode18 Jul 2018 5:07PM
4819053A Horse With No Name Abby Normal18 Jul 2018 4:32PM
4818957ZZ TOP - Tush Abby Normal18 Jul 2018 11:46AM
4818758Youngblood fatdaddy17 Jul 2018 10:14PM
4818651...Xanadu... Abby Normal17 Jul 2018 4:04PM
4818373Wiggle Stick -- The Reverend Horton Heat Robyn Hode17 Jul 2018 8:17AM
4818357Victim of Love - Whitesnake EZZ917 Jul 2018 6:57AM
4817981Unchain My Heart - Ray Charles Abby Normal16 Jul 2018 10:19AM
4817971Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper EZZ916 Jul 2018 8:51AM
4817797Saint Joe On The School Bus --Marcy Playground Robyn Hode15 Jul 2018 7:54PM
4817790Runaway - Samantha Fish Abby Normal15 Jul 2018 7:38PM
4817432Queen Of The Silver Dollar - Dr Hook EZZ915 Jul 2018 7:00AM
4817308Push the Sky Away -- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Robyn Hode14 Jul 2018 10:00PM
4817278Orianthi - Believe Abby Normal14 Jul 2018 7:30PM
4817087N.I.B. - Ugly Kid Joe Robyn Hode14 Jul 2018 9:04AM
4816877Mamma Said - Omega EZZ913 Jul 2018 4:38PM
4816797Livin' On a Prayer -- Bon Jovi Robyn Hode13 Jul 2018 1:00PM
4816790Katrina and the Waves Abby Normal13 Jul 2018 12:45PM
4816755JACK & DIANE by JOHN MELLENCAMP baron_backgammon13 Jul 2018 9:59AM
4816703I Miss the Misery -- Halestorm Robyn Hode13 Jul 2018 7:35AM
4816700Heart Abby Normal13 Jul 2018 7:31AM
4816695Green Grass & High Tides -- The Outlaws Robyn Hode13 Jul 2018 7:20AM
4816550Fool for the City Abby Normal12 Jul 2018 8:45PM
4816333Estrela Decadente -- Thiago Pethit Robyn Hode12 Jul 2018 8:50AM
4816101David Bowie Abby Normal11 Jul 2018 7:46PM
4816073Careless Whisper -- Seether Robyn Hode11 Jul 2018 5:54PM
4816066Briefcase Full of Blues - The Blues Brothers EZZ911 Jul 2018 5:46PM
4815937burn baby burn-ash baron_backgammon11 Jul 2018 12:07PM
4815915All Around Me -- Flyleaf Robyn Hode11 Jul 2018 10:36AM
4815907ZZ Top - Pearl Necklace Abby Normal11 Jul 2018 10:20AM
4815874Your Time Has Come -- Audioslave Robyn Hode11 Jul 2018 8:40AM
4815713Xymox - The Clan of EZZ910 Jul 2018 10:19PM
4815514We Are The Metalheads -- Doro Robyn Hode10 Jul 2018 1:40PM
4815508Venus - Shocking Blue Abby Normal10 Jul 2018 1:26PM
4815275Undefeated -- Def Leppard Robyn Hode9 Jul 2018 9:33PM
4815258Tattoo You - Rolling Stones EZZ99 Jul 2018 7:34PM
4815252Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath -- Black Sabbath Robyn Hode9 Jul 2018 6:48PM
4815250Re: Mz. Hyde Robyn Hode9 Jul 2018 6:47PM
4815246Re: Mz. Hyde EZZ99 Jul 2018 6:13PM
4815244Run Runaway - Slade EZZ99 Jul 2018 6:08PM
4815240Queen - Tie Your Mother Down Abby Normal9 Jul 2018 5:50PM
4815231Nights in White Satin fatdaddy9 Jul 2018 5:23PM
4815230Re: Mambo No. 5 fatdaddy9 Jul 2018 5:14PM
4815227Mz. Hyde Robyn Hode9 Jul 2018 4:59PM
4815116Police, The Big Giant Head9 Jul 2018 1:32PM
4815113Ozark Mountain Boys, The Abby Normal9 Jul 2018 1:20PM
4814754Night Beat - Sam Cooke EZZ98 Jul 2018 3:27PM
4814752Re: Mambo No. 5 EZZ98 Jul 2018 3:25PM
4814691Mambo No. 5 fatdaddy8 Jul 2018 1:36PM
4814683Lighthouse Family Big Giant Head8 Jul 2018 1:13PM
4814680Re: Every Little Thing - The Beatles & Lou Ann Barton Big Giant Head8 Jul 2018 1:11PM
4814655Killing Floor Abby Normal8 Jul 2018 12:03PM
4814643Jesus Just Left Chicago fatdaddy8 Jul 2018 10:50AM
4814200I Can't Turn You Loose Abby Normal6 Jul 2018 9:49PM
4813934Honky Tonk Women - The Rolling Stones EZZ95 Jul 2018 7:06PM
4813933Re: Fraggle Rock EZZ95 Jul 2018 7:06PM
4813887Gimme Shelter fatdaddy5 Jul 2018 3:40PM
4813875Re: Every Little Thing - The Beatles & Lou Ann Barton fatdaddy5 Jul 2018 3:32PM
4813768Fraggle Rock Abby Normal5 Jul 2018 11:18AM
4813544Every Little Thing - The Beatles & Lou Ann Barton EZZ94 Jul 2018 5:58PM
4813253Dazed and Confused fatdaddy4 Jul 2018 12:19AM
4813207Communication Breakdown Abby Normal3 Jul 2018 8:11PM
4813050Babe I'm Gonna Leave You fatdaddy3 Jul 2018 11:59AM
4812907A - Jethro Tull EZZ93 Jul 2018 5:43AM
4812865ZZ TOP - Blue Jean Blues Abby Normal3 Jul 2018 4:01AM
4812700Yer Blues - The Beatles Abby Normal2 Jul 2018 3:20PM
4812575Xanadu fatdaddy2 Jul 2018 7:57AM
4812572Re: What The World Needs Now fatdaddy2 Jul 2018 7:39AM
4812221What The World Needs Now Abby Normal1 Jul 2018 9:39AM
4812190Venus fatdaddy1 Jul 2018 7:18AM
4811822Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers EZZ930 Jun 2018 10:48AM
4811821T,N.T - AC/DC EZZ930 Jun 2018 10:46AM
4811818“T.N.T. for the Brain” ∞ ENIGMA baron_backgammon30 Jun 2018 10:40AM
4811787Slipknot Big Giant Head30 Jun 2018 8:58AM
4811659Ready for Love fatdaddy30 Jun 2018 1:46AM
4811580.Quiet Riot Abby Normal29 Jun 2018 6:50PM
4811428Papa Don't Preach - Madonna Londoner29 Jun 2018 12:44PM
4811277On The Boards - Taste EZZ929 Jun 2018 7:25AM
4811218Nathaniel Rateliff Abby Normal29 Jun 2018 4:33AM
4810795May Blitz EZZ928 Jun 2018 6:35AM
4810784Lookin' Out My Back Door Abby Normal28 Jun 2018 5:59AM
4810594Kashmir - Led Zeppelin baron_backgammon27 Jun 2018 7:43PM
4810587Jim Dandy Abby Normal27 Jun 2018 7:11PM
4810514I'd love to change the world - Ten Years After baron_backgammon27 Jun 2018 4:03PM
4810321Hands of Jack The Ripper - Screaming Lord Sutch EZZ927 Jun 2018 11:47AM
4810097Going Home - Alvin Lee & Ten Years After Abby Normal26 Jun 2018 9:02PM
4810076From Me To You - Beatles EZZ926 Jun 2018 7:36PM
4810030Extra Executives - Jane Siberry baron_backgammon26 Jun 2018 5:36PM
4810029Donny Osmond Abby Normal26 Jun 2018 5:30PM
4809988Re: Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing baron_backgammon26 Jun 2018 3:43PM
4809918Re: Come Together fatdaddy26 Jun 2018 1:43PM
4809917Come Together fatdaddy26 Jun 2018 1:43PM
4809818Beatin' The Odds - Molly Hatchet EZZ926 Jun 2018 7:43AM
4809726Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing fatdaddy26 Jun 2018 1:32AM
4809683Zoom - Electric Light Orchestra EZZ925 Jun 2018 8:54PM
4809592Yes It Is - The Beatles Abby Normal25 Jun 2018 2:11PM
4809506Xcllamation - The Korgis EZZ925 Jun 2018 10:29AM
4809504Re: Vinnie Paul - R.I.P. EZZ925 Jun 2018 10:23AM
4809258We can Work it Out fatdaddy24 Jun 2018 8:13PM
4809192Vinnie Paul - R.I.P. Abby Normal24 Jun 2018 3:39PM
4808958Up, Up and Away Abby Normal23 Jun 2018 9:33PM
4808919Take Me to the River fatdaddy23 Jun 2018 5:33PM
4808894Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac EZZ923 Jun 2018 3:21PM
4808892Re: Ram Jam EZZ923 Jun 2018 3:17PM
4808682Ram Jam Abby Normal22 Jun 2018 8:23PM
4808558Quicksand - David Bowie EZZ922 Jun 2018 10:17AM
4808522Prince Abby Normal22 Jun 2018 8:12AM
4808468One Trick Pony - Paul Simon EZZ922 Jun 2018 3:59AM
4808466Nada Surf Big Giant Head22 Jun 2018 3:33AM
4808424My Girl Abby Normal22 Jun 2018 12:40AM
4808405Let's Stick Together fatdaddy21 Jun 2018 10:56PM
4808295Katrina & The Waves Abby Normal21 Jun 2018 3:31PM
4808272Jack The Toad - Savoy Brown EZZ921 Jun 2018 2:46PM
4808131I CAN'T GO FOR THAT (NO CAN DO) — HALL & OATES baron_backgammon21 Jun 2018 9:03AM
4807982Heart Big Giant Head21 Jun 2018 1:49AM
4807929Gentry, Bobby (or Bobbi) Abby Normal20 Jun 2018 9:17PM
4807918Fairport Convention EZZ920 Jun 2018 8:03PM
4807906Everybody Wants To Be My Baby Abby Normal20 Jun 2018 6:59PM
4807654Duende ~ Delerium baron_backgammon20 Jun 2018 10:34AM
4807549Cooder, Ry Abby Normal20 Jun 2018 5:24AM
4807545Blizzard Of Ozz - Ozzy Osbourne EZZ920 Jun 2018 4:57AM
4807534Atomic Rooster Big Giant Head20 Jun 2018 4:09AM
4807444Zombie - The Cranberries baron_backgammon19 Jun 2018 8:07PM
4807441Yanni - Nightingale Abby Normal19 Jun 2018 7:49PM
4807140XIV - Toto EZZ918 Jun 2018 11:40PM
4806280WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN - BANGLES baron_backgammon16 Jun 2018 7:26PM
4806232R.I.P Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy EZZ916 Jun 2018 5:10PM
4806205Viva Las Vegas - Elvis & ZZ Top EZZ916 Jun 2018 3:59PM
4806162Re: Stupid Girl-Garbage baron_backgammon16 Jun 2018 2:17PM
4806144Re: Stupid Girl-Garbage fatdaddy16 Jun 2018 1:06PM
4806143Under the Boardwalk fatdaddy16 Jun 2018 12:55PM
4805924Tool Big Giant Head16 Jun 2018 1:46AM
4805895Stupid Girl-Garbage baron_backgammon15 Jun 2018 9:15PM
4805501R.I.P. DJ Fontana EZZ914 Jun 2018 11:32PM
4805429Respect fatdaddy14 Jun 2018 6:11PM
4805269Queens of the Stone Age Abby Normal14 Jun 2018 7:09AM
4805079Perpetual Motion Machine - Klaatu EZZ913 Jun 2018 4:18PM
4804908older-klaatu baron_backgammon13 Jun 2018 9:34AM
4804857Nazareth Abby Normal13 Jun 2018 7:32AM
4804758Re: Frankenstein - Edgar Winter & Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band HQ Lou Siffer13 Jun 2018 12:08AM
4804727Re: Kayleigh (Extended Versión) (1985) HD-Marillion baron_backgammon12 Jun 2018 8:15PM
4804725Made In England - Atomic Rooster EZZ912 Jun 2018 8:09PM
4804724Lucky Town - Bruce Springsteen EZZ912 Jun 2018 8:08PM
4804723Re: Kayleigh (Extended Versión) (1985) HD-Marillion EZZ912 Jun 2018 8:06PM
4804719Kayleigh (Extended Versión) (1985) HD-Marillion baron_backgammon12 Jun 2018 7:47PM
4804704Re: Frankenstein - Edgar Winter & Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band HQ fatdaddy12 Jun 2018 7:25PM
4804703Jingle Bell Rock fatdaddy12 Jun 2018 7:22PM
4804690Ian Dury EZZ912 Jun 2018 6:46PM
4804689Humble Pie EZZ912 Jun 2018 6:45PM
4804595Re: Frankenstein - Edgar Winter & Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band HQ Abby Normal12 Jun 2018 2:23PM
4804545Hard Out Here (Official Video ) - Lily Allen baron_backgammon12 Jun 2018 12:40PM
4804536Re: Frankenstein - Edgar Winter & Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band HQ baron_backgammon12 Jun 2018 12:22PM
4804508Genuine American Girl by Alice Cooper Londoner12 Jun 2018 10:52AM
4804461Re: Frankenstein - Edgar Winter & Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band HQ Lou Siffer12 Jun 2018 8:41AM
4804169Frankenstein - Edgar Winter & Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band HQ baron_backgammon11 Jun 2018 4:14PM
4804168Re: R.I.P. Danny Kirwan fatdaddy11 Jun 2018 4:10PM
4804167Every Little Thing fatdaddy11 Jun 2018 4:07PM
4803672R.I.P. Danny Kirwan EZZ910 Jun 2018 12:33PM
4803390(DON'T FEAR) THE REAPER by BLUE ÖYSTER CULT baron_backgammon9 Jun 2018 2:27PM
4803151Cajun Moon - JJ Cale Abby Normal8 Jun 2018 6:40PM
4803150Re: ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man Abby Normal8 Jun 2018 6:40PM
4802997Re: ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man baron_backgammon8 Jun 2018 9:45AM
4802992"Baby Doll" - Sweet Spirit baron_backgammon8 Jun 2018 9:35AM
4802990A Castle Full of Rascals-Deep Purple baron_backgammon8 Jun 2018 9:32AM
4802987ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man Abby Normal8 Jun 2018 9:06AM
4802871You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet fatdaddy7 Jun 2018 9:58PM
4802860Xanadu-Olivia Newton John baron_backgammon7 Jun 2018 8:33PM
4802806War fatdaddy7 Jun 2018 3:52PM
4802760voices carry - 'til tuesday baron_backgammon7 Jun 2018 1:27PM
4802696UNCLE JOHNNY-THE KILLERS baron_backgammon7 Jun 2018 9:29AM
4802686Time Out of Mind fatdaddy7 Jun 2018 9:09AM
4802684satellite - indochine baron_backgammon7 Jun 2018 9:01AM
4802683Re: Rock N' Roll Hootchie Coo fatdaddy7 Jun 2018 8:56AM
4802655Rock N' Roll Hootchie Coo Abby Normal7 Jun 2018 7:15AM
4802409Quaaludes Again fatdaddy6 Jun 2018 4:15PM
4800797Moderated    EZZ92 Jun 2018 7:40PM
4800781Purple Rain - Prince & Adam Levine Abby Normal2 Jun 2018 6:19PM
4800710Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison & Van Halen EZZ92 Jun 2018 1:32PM
4800695Never My Love fatdaddy2 Jun 2018 12:56PM
4800195Mother Nature's Son - Beatles & Harry Nilsson & John Denver... EZZ91 Jun 2018 8:21AM
4800184Little Sister fatdaddy1 Jun 2018 7:02AM
4799561Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan & GNR Abby Normal30 May 2018 6:23PM
4799554Jumpin' Jack Flash fatdaddy30 May 2018 5:56PM
4799145Imagine - John Lennon & David Bowie Abby Normal29 May 2018 3:48PM
4798859Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody & Asleep At The Wheel EZZ929 May 2018 4:44AM
4798811Gov't Mule & Free - Mr. Big Abby Normal29 May 2018 1:09AM
4798802Feelin' Alright fatdaddy28 May 2018 11:56PM
4798772Elvis & Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog Abby Normal28 May 2018 6:55PM
4798705Dancing in the street - David Bowie and martha and the vandellas davids28 May 2018 3:24PM
4798628Just My Imagination - The Temptations & The Rolling Stones EZZ928 May 2018 12:12PM
4798437Iggy Pop & David Bowie - Lust For Life Abby Normal28 May 2018 12:01AM
4798267Hey jude - The Beatles davids27 May 2018 4:17PM
4798264Gary Moore & Jimi Hendrix - Red House Abby Normal27 May 2018 3:58PM
4798248Flying - The Beatles davids27 May 2018 3:06PM
4798129Evil Hearted You - The Yardbirds & Pixies EZZ927 May 2018 9:40AM
4798033Doors, The - Light My Fire - Mae West Abby Normal27 May 2018 3:55AM
4797929Come together - The Beatles davids26 May 2018 5:42PM
4797918Black Mountain Side - Led Zeppelin & Vanilla Fudge EZZ926 May 2018 5:27PM
4797912All Along The Watchtower - J. Hendrix & E. Vedder Abby Normal26 May 2018 5:11PM
4797901Zombie - The Cranberries davids26 May 2018 4:47PM
4797891Young Blood - Bad Co. & The Coasters Abby Normal26 May 2018 4:00PM
4797881Xibaba - Santana davids26 May 2018 3:31PM
4797602Wooly Bully - Sam the Sham, Ricky Van Shelton Abby Normal25 May 2018 11:56PM
4797595Ventura Highway - America & The Gypsy Queens EZZ925 May 2018 11:16PM
4797583ugly - smashing pumpkins davids25 May 2018 10:10PM
4797566The Little Red Rooster - Howlin' Wolf & The Rolling Stones EZZ925 May 2018 9:11PM
4797435She said she said - The Beatles davids25 May 2018 3:10PM
4797369Summertime - E. Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, etc. Abby Normal25 May 2018 12:40PM
4797347Reefer Head Woman - Jazz Gillum & Aerosmith EZZ925 May 2018 11:56AM
4797112Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody - The Muppets Abby Normal25 May 2018 12:11AM
4797082P. S. I love you - The Beatles davids24 May 2018 8:36PM
4797078ON A CAROUSEL by THE HOLLIES baron_backgammon24 May 2018 8:21PM
4797067Not a second time - The Beatles davids24 May 2018 7:39PM
4797053Re: Magic Carpet Ride fatdaddy24 May 2018 6:56PM
4797050Re: Magic Carpet Ride fatdaddy24 May 2018 6:54PM
4797048Magic Carpet Ride fatdaddy24 May 2018 6:52PM
4797042Michelle - The Beatles davids24 May 2018 6:43PM
4797024Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan & Jimi Hendrix ect.... EZZ924 May 2018 6:13PM
4797013kyrie(eleison) by mr.mister baron_backgammon24 May 2018 5:53PM
4797011Re: Jazz piano song - The Beatles davids24 May 2018 5:48PM
4797010Re: Jazz piano song - The Beatles Abby Normal24 May 2018 5:46PM
4796946Jazz piano song - The Beatles davids24 May 2018 3:46PM
4796920Idles Big Giant Head24 May 2018 2:58PM
4796850Hellhound On My Trail - Robt. Johnson, E. Clapton Abby Normal24 May 2018 11:43AM
4796831Groaning The Blues - Otis Rush & Eric Clapton EZZ924 May 2018 11:07AM
4796796Fade Into You-Mazzy Star baron_backgammon24 May 2018 8:50AM
4796747Everyday People - Sly & Family Stone, Prince, Joan Jett... Abby Normal24 May 2018 5:39AM
4796738Don't Bring Me Down - the Animals & Tom Petty & David Bowie EZZ924 May 2018 5:10AM
4796737Re: Bring It On Home Abby Normal24 May 2018 5:08AM
4796736Re: Bring It On Home EZZ924 May 2018 5:05AM
4796732Re: Next on this DB ... fatdaddy24 May 2018 4:36AM
4796578Re: Next on this DB ... baron_backgammon23 May 2018 6:25PM
4796577Cry baby cry - The Beatles davids23 May 2018 6:11PM
4796559Re: Bring It On Home fatdaddy23 May 2018 5:40PM
4796556Bring It On Home Abby Normal23 May 2018 5:27PM
4796551Re: All Along the Watchtower fatdaddy23 May 2018 5:26PM
4796547All Along the Watchtower fatdaddy23 May 2018 5:15PM
4796545Next on this DB ... fatdaddy23 May 2018 5:12PM
4796542Zooropa - U2 davids23 May 2018 5:08PM
4796540.Yes It Is - The Beatles Abby Normal23 May 2018 5:03PM
4796536Xmas in February fatdaddy23 May 2018 4:51PM
4796525What goes on - The Beatles davids23 May 2018 4:16PM
4796515Veronica fatdaddy23 May 2018 3:56PM
4796497unbelieveable - Def leppard davids23 May 2018 2:54PM
4796319Taxman - The Beatles Abby Normal23 May 2018 4:12AM
4796256she's leaving home - The Beatles davids22 May 2018 10:11PM
4796253Rumble - Link Wray Abby Normal22 May 2018 10:07PM
4796224Quicksand jesus - Skid row davids22 May 2018 7:58PM
4796210Pleasure & Pain - Dr. Hook EZZ922 May 2018 7:28PM
4796182Oh! darling - The Beatles davids22 May 2018 5:16PM
4796161Nowhere Man - The Beatles Abby Normal22 May 2018 4:10PM
4796092Maxwell's silver hammer - The Beatles davids22 May 2018 2:42PM
4796056L7 Big Giant Head22 May 2018 1:04PM
4795896Kraftwerk Abby Normal21 May 2018 10:15PM
4795804Johnny b goode - Chuck berry davids21 May 2018 3:44PM
4795778In The Army Now - Status Quo EZZ921 May 2018 3:13PM
4795727here comes the sun - The Beatles davids21 May 2018 2:41PM
4795718Gilmore, David Abby Normal21 May 2018 2:25PM
4795706Famous In The Last Century - Status Quo EZZ921 May 2018 1:33PM
4795701Eddie Cochran Abby Normal21 May 2018 1:10PM
4795586Diamond Hard Blues Apples of the Moon, The fatdaddy21 May 2018 4:50AM
4795527CCR - Proud Mary Abby Normal21 May 2018 1:02AM
4795499B line by lamb baron_backgammon20 May 2018 10:12PM
4795494All things must pass - George Harrison davids20 May 2018 9:06PM
4795487ZZ Top - Fandango Abby Normal20 May 2018 8:48PM
4795478You won't see me - The Beatles davids20 May 2018 8:17PM
4795468...X X X... - ZZ Top Abby Normal20 May 2018 7:45PM
4795059Re: Mood for a Day Yes fatdaddy19 May 2018 9:32PM
4795014Watching rainbows - The Beatles davids19 May 2018 6:40PM
4794996Vagabonds of The Western World - Thin Lizzy EZZ919 May 2018 6:02PM
4794989Under a mountain - The Black crowes davids19 May 2018 5:44PM
4794988Test of Time - Little River Band EZZ919 May 2018 5:43PM
4794987Re: Mood for a Day Yes EZZ919 May 2018 5:42PM
4794972She loves you - The Beatles davids19 May 2018 4:55PM
4794960Rocky Raccoon - The Beatles Abby Normal19 May 2018 4:23PM
4794952Quiet - Smashing pumpkins davids19 May 2018 3:50PM
4794807Peter Noone Abby Normal19 May 2018 6:06AM
4794748Re: Mood for a Day Yes fatdaddy19 May 2018 1:59AM
4794747Open My Eyes fatdaddy19 May 2018 1:57AM
4794731Neverland Marillion Big Giant Head18 May 2018 11:26PM
4794727Mood for a Day Yes Rxb518 May 2018 11:14PM
4794718Leaving Las Vegas - Sheryl Crow baron_backgammon18 May 2018 10:21PM
4794678Keep your hands off my baby - Carole king davids18 May 2018 6:27PM
4794674Jeepster fatdaddy18 May 2018 6:00PM
4794673Re: Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey-Paul&Linda McCartney fatdaddy18 May 2018 5:56PM
4794671I am the walrus - The Beatles davids18 May 2018 5:36PM
4794666Hang On to Yourself fatdaddy18 May 2018 5:04PM
4794663Get back - The Beatles davids18 May 2018 4:37PM
4794661Fate Of Nations - Robert Plant EZZ918 May 2018 4:34PM
4794650Easy Does It - Supertramp Abby Normal18 May 2018 3:50PM
4794631Dirty Fingers - Gary Moore EZZ918 May 2018 2:58PM
4794587Chains - The Beatles Abby Normal18 May 2018 1:30PM
4794548BABA O'RILEY by THE WHO (Live at Charlton '74) baron_backgammon18 May 2018 11:07AM
4794453And Your Bird Can Sing - The Beatles Abby Normal18 May 2018 1:24AM
4794422Zero chance - Sound garden davids17 May 2018 10:17PM
4794418Your Mamma Won't Like Me - Suzi Quatro EZZ917 May 2018 10:09PM
4794408XTC - King For A Day Abby Normal17 May 2018 9:30PM
4794197Within you without you - The Beatles davids17 May 2018 2:51PM
4794184Velvet Underground-"Sunday Morning" Lou Siffer17 May 2018 1:59PM
4794153Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey-Paul&Linda McCartney baron_backgammon17 May 2018 11:34AM
4794143Re: Junk - The Beatles fatdaddy17 May 2018 10:32AM
4794119Two Of Us - The Beatles Abby Normal17 May 2018 9:18AM
4793952she came in through the bathroom window - The Beatles davids16 May 2018 8:16PM
4793948Radio Active - Pat Travers EZZ916 May 2018 8:05PM
4793947Q2k - Queensryche EZZ916 May 2018 8:04PM
4793938polythene pam _ The Beatles davids16 May 2018 6:31PM
4793925Orgasmatron - Motorhead EZZ916 May 2018 6:17PM
4793890No reply - The Beatles davids16 May 2018 5:20PM
4793747My Me Mine - The Beatles Abby Normal16 May 2018 12:06PM
4793529love me do - The Beatles davids15 May 2018 10:13PM
4793526Killing Floor - Various Abby Normal15 May 2018 9:23PM
4793497Junk - The Beatles davids15 May 2018 7:06PM
4793489It Ain't Easy fatdaddy15 May 2018 6:20PM
4793475Happiness is a warm gun - The Beatles davids15 May 2018 5:15PM
4793446Golden Slumbers - The Beatles Abby Normal15 May 2018 4:14PM
4793416Free as a bird - The Beatles davids15 May 2018 3:49PM
4793399E=MC2 by Big Audio Dynamite baron_backgammon15 May 2018 3:09PM
4793253Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles Abby Normal15 May 2018 10:55AM
4793176China Crisis Big Giant Head15 May 2018 5:03AM
4793164Bad For You Baby - Gary Moore EZZ915 May 2018 4:15AM
4793024All you need is love - The Beatles davids14 May 2018 8:49PM
4793020Zipper Job - ZZ Top EZZ914 May 2018 8:33PM
4793009You've got to hide your love away - The Beatles davids14 May 2018 7:28PM
4793002..X - Los Angeles... Abby Normal14 May 2018 6:35PM
4793000With a little help from my friends - The Beatles davids14 May 2018 6:19PM
4792998Vulture Culture - The Alan parsons Project EZZ914 May 2018 6:16PM
4792935U fig - system of down davids14 May 2018 3:21PM
4792931The Division Bell - Pink Floyd EZZ914 May 2018 3:01PM
4792880Shot down in flames - AC/DC Lou Siffer14 May 2018 12:01PM
4792867Reconsider Baby - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal14 May 2018 11:12AM
4792791Quarryman's Lament - Joe Banamassa EZZ914 May 2018 4:00AM
4792727Primus Big Giant Head13 May 2018 11:44PM
4792716Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - The Beatles Abby Normal13 May 2018 10:24PM
4792679Night before, The - The Beatles davids13 May 2018 5:42PM
4792660Mr. Moonlight - The Beatles Abby Normal13 May 2018 5:06PM
4792646Lady madona - The Beatles davids13 May 2018 4:31PM
4792628Kentucky - Black Stone Cherry EZZ913 May 2018 3:46PM
4792623Jethro Tull Abby Normal13 May 2018 3:30PM
4792599I'm a Man fatdaddy13 May 2018 2:05PM
4792496Handful Of Rain - Savatage EZZ913 May 2018 9:06AM
4792363Giddy Up a Ding Dong fatdaddy12 May 2018 10:38PM
4792356Fool on the hill, the - The Beatles davids12 May 2018 10:15PM
4792352Every Little Thing - The Beatles Abby Normal12 May 2018 9:25PM
4792339Re: Chain Lightning baron_backgammon12 May 2018 7:48PM
4792338Dear prudence - The Beatles davids12 May 2018 7:45PM
4792332Re: Chain Lightning fatdaddy12 May 2018 7:29PM
4792330Re: Chain Lightning baron_backgammon12 May 2018 7:22PM
4792329Caroline-Concrete Blonde baron_backgammon12 May 2018 7:20PM
4792328Chain Lightning fatdaddy12 May 2018 7:14PM
4792324Baby your a rich man - The Beatles davids12 May 2018 6:55PM
4792316All the Young Dudes fatdaddy12 May 2018 6:27PM
4792304Zipper Catches Skin - Alice Cooper EZZ912 May 2018 6:00PM
4792299Yes it is - The Beatles davids12 May 2018 5:14PM
4792296X - Def Leppard EZZ912 May 2018 5:04PM
4792278Why don't we do it in the road - The Beatles davids12 May 2018 4:04PM
4792276Violet Journey - Orianthi Abby Normal12 May 2018 3:50PM
4792236Up From The Ashes - Burn Halo EZZ912 May 2018 12:55PM
4792235THE POWER-SWEET SPIRIT baron_backgammon12 May 2018 12:51PM
4792234Science Fiction-Divinyls baron_backgammon12 May 2018 12:39PM
4792206Ringo The 4th - Ringo Starr EZZ912 May 2018 10:24AM
4792091Queen Ḅitch fatdaddy12 May 2018 1:45AM
4792090Peter Tork - The Monkees Abby Normal12 May 2018 1:37AM
4792087One Of The Boys - Roger Daltrey EZZ912 May 2018 1:20AM
4792070Nowhere man - The Beatles davids11 May 2018 10:18PM
4792062Midnight At The Lost & Found - Meat Loaf EZZ911 May 2018 9:25PM
4792061Re: Jessie's dream - The Beatles EZZ911 May 2018 9:24PM
4792057Lucy in the sky with diamonds - The Beatles davids11 May 2018 9:20PM
4792050Kansas City - The Beatles Abby Normal11 May 2018 8:53PM
4792049Re: Jessie's dream - The Beatles Abby Normal11 May 2018 8:52PM
4792046Jessie's dream - The Beatles davids11 May 2018 8:45PM
4792041In My Life - The Beatles Abby Normal11 May 2018 8:35PM
4792020hello good bye - The Beatles davids11 May 2018 7:03PM
4792008Good Times, Bad Times - Led Zeppelin Abby Normal11 May 2018 5:49PM
4792003For you blue - The Beatles davids11 May 2018 5:32PM
4791950Exile On Main St. - Rolling Stones EZZ911 May 2018 3:04PM
4791945Dust My Broom - Elmore James Abby Normal11 May 2018 2:29PM
4791897C'est La Vie-Robbie Nevil baron_backgammon11 May 2018 11:53AM
4791893Battle For The Sun - Placebo EZZ911 May 2018 11:20AM
4791836Re: Ooh La La-Goldfrapp baron_backgammon11 May 2018 8:36AM
4791828All You Need Is Love - The Beatles Abby Normal11 May 2018 7:22AM
4791697Zenyatta Mondatta - The Police EZZ910 May 2018 10:48PM
4791693.Yanni Abby Normal10 May 2018 10:30PM
4791593Xanadu - Rush davids10 May 2018 3:46PM
4791516Walls & Bridges - John Lennon EZZ910 May 2018 1:12PM
4791265Venice queen - Red hot chili peppers davids9 May 2018 9:11PM
4791258UB40 Abby Normal9 May 2018 8:48PM
4791256This boy - The Beatles davids9 May 2018 8:45PM
4791251Saguitar - Alvim Lee EZZ99 May 2018 8:33PM
4791250Radio Active - Pat Travers EZZ99 May 2018 8:30PM
4791249Quark, Strangeness & Charm - Hawkwind EZZ99 May 2018 8:29PM
4791248Paradise Theater - Styx EZZ99 May 2018 8:28PM
4791247Re: Ooh La La-Goldfrapp EZZ99 May 2018 8:27PM
4791219Please please me - The Beatles davids9 May 2018 5:24PM

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