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SubjectPosted ByDate & Time
4723384Madagascar - Guns n roses davids16 Dec 2017 5:07PM
4723382Leaving On A Jet Plane - Peter Paul and Mary & John Denver EZZ916 Dec 2017 4:55PM
4723222Karma police - radiohead davids16 Dec 2017 9:07AM
4723127Just My Imagination - The Temptations & The Stones EZZ916 Dec 2017 4:13AM
4723079I aint done nothing wrong - The Yardbirds davids15 Dec 2017 10:24PM
4723078Heart of Gold - Neil Young Londoner15 Dec 2017 10:07PM
4723071Galileo - Indigo girls davids15 Dec 2017 8:35PM
4723063Franky Perez Abby Normal15 Dec 2017 8:04PM
4722996Early days - Paul Mccartney davids15 Dec 2017 3:20PM
4722936Dance Electric Abby Normal15 Dec 2017 11:32AM
4722924Color My World - Chicago Londoner15 Dec 2017 10:08AM
4722698Baby blue - Dave Matthews band davids14 Dec 2017 6:20PM
4722675.Ana Popovic Abby Normal14 Dec 2017 4:46PM
4722637Zoe jane - Staind davids14 Dec 2017 2:46PM
4722618Year Of The Cat - Al Stewart EZZ914 Dec 2017 2:32PM
4722570Xanadu - Rush davids14 Dec 2017 12:34PM
4722552Wizard, The - Uriah Heep Londoner14 Dec 2017 11:38AM
4722551Valley Girl - Frank Zappa Londoner14 Dec 2017 11:37AM
4722326U get me high - Tom petty and the Heartbreakers davids13 Dec 2017 6:06PM
4722312Time - Pink Floyd EZZ913 Dec 2017 4:50PM
4722274Stop! - Joe Bonamassa Abby Normal13 Dec 2017 2:06PM
4722235Remove Your Mask - Wolfmother EZZ913 Dec 2017 12:13PM
4722162Queen of torture - Wishbone ash davids13 Dec 2017 8:08AM
4722100Puff, the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul & Mary Londoner13 Dec 2017 5:37AM
4722099Ob La Di Ob La Da - the Beatles Londoner13 Dec 2017 5:35AM
4722022Nobody Loves You (When You're Down & Out) - John Lennon EZZ913 Dec 2017 12:35AM
4721858Mad world - Tears for fears davids12 Dec 2017 1:46PM
4721818Letting Go - Praying Mantis EZZ912 Dec 2017 11:28AM
4721812Katmandu - Bob seger davids12 Dec 2017 10:52AM
4721767Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Rick Wakeman Londoner12 Dec 2017 9:14AM
4721766Imagine - John Lennon Londoner12 Dec 2017 9:12AM
4721589Habit - Pearl jam davids11 Dec 2017 7:32PM
4721570Gonna Search - The Guess Who EZZ911 Dec 2017 6:06PM
4721474F.U.B.B. - Wishbone ash davids11 Dec 2017 12:00PM
4721471Re: Everyday People EZZ911 Dec 2017 11:58AM
4721467Everyday People Abby Normal11 Dec 2017 11:33AM
4721222Dance the night away - Van halen davids10 Dec 2017 10:56PM
4721211Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. fatdaddy10 Dec 2017 10:29PM
4721205Babe I'm gonna leave you - Led Zeppelin davids10 Dec 2017 9:48PM
4721198All that Counts is Love - Status Quo EZZ910 Dec 2017 8:57PM
4721132Zeitgeist - Black Sabbath davids10 Dec 2017 4:31PM
4721130Yakety Yak - The Coasters EZZ910 Dec 2017 4:26PM
4720991X marks the spot - cold play davids10 Dec 2017 9:44AM
4720955War Child - Jethro Tull EZZ910 Dec 2017 7:08AM
4720828Van Halen Londoner9 Dec 2017 11:05PM
4720465Re: JOHN LENNON - 10/9/40 - 12/8/80 R.I.P. Abby Normal8 Dec 2017 10:01PM
4720442Uncle john's band - The Grateful dead davids8 Dec 2017 7:06PM
4720436Tommy Tutone - 867-5309/Jenny EZZ98 Dec 2017 6:25PM
4720397Sabbath bloody sabbath - Black sabbath davids8 Dec 2017 4:43PM
4720391Re: JOHN LENNON - 10/9/40 - 12/8/80 R.I.P. EZZ98 Dec 2017 4:24PM
4720390Rock You All Around the World - Judas Priest EZZ98 Dec 2017 4:22PM
4720379Queen of hearts - Greg Allman davids8 Dec 2017 3:53PM
4720365Plastic Ono Band, The Abby Normal8 Dec 2017 3:22PM
4720364JOHN LENNON - 10/9/40 - 12/8/80 R.I.P. Abby Normal8 Dec 2017 3:21PM
4720290On the road again - Canned heat davids8 Dec 2017 1:29PM
4720222Never - Heart EZZ98 Dec 2017 9:44AM
4720221Magic bus - The who davids8 Dec 2017 9:39AM
4720207Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi Straycat8 Dec 2017 8:53AM
4720198knockin on heaven's door - Bob dylan davids8 Dec 2017 8:15AM
4720147Jet - Paul McCartney & Wings Londoner8 Dec 2017 3:14AM
4720047Iron butterfly jamchug7 Dec 2017 11:52PM
4720013Hard days night - The Beatles davids7 Dec 2017 9:20PM
4719997George Martin EZZ97 Dec 2017 8:24PM
4719985Fade away - Bruce springsteen davids7 Dec 2017 8:03PM
4719963Everly Brothers, The Abby Normal7 Dec 2017 7:30PM
4719773D'yer mak'er - Led zeppelin davids7 Dec 2017 2:59PM
4719724oooops, mke that Cale, J.J. - After Midnight Abby Normal7 Dec 2017 12:11PM
4719722J.J. Cale - After Midnight Abby Normal7 Dec 2017 12:10PM
4719720Born in the U.S.A. - Bruce Springsteen Londoner7 Dec 2017 12:05PM
4719651After midnight - Eric clapton davids7 Dec 2017 10:26AM
4719632Zenyatta Mondatta by The Police EZZ97 Dec 2017 9:47AM
4719376year of the cat - Al stewart davids6 Dec 2017 6:51PM
4719366X&Y - Coldplay Straycat6 Dec 2017 5:44PM
4719364Waiting on a friend - The Rolling stones davids6 Dec 2017 5:36PM
4719357Vincent - Don McLean Straycat6 Dec 2017 5:21PM
4719328Up around the bend - Credence clear water revival davids6 Dec 2017 3:26PM
4719306Thorogood, George Abby Normal6 Dec 2017 2:18PM
4719276Scarborough fair - Simon and Garfunkle davids6 Dec 2017 12:46PM
4719258Roundabout - Yes Londoner6 Dec 2017 11:50AM
4719236questions 67 and 68 - Chicago davids6 Dec 2017 9:53AM
4719211Please, Please, Please - James Brown Abby Normal6 Dec 2017 8:49AM
4719195Old man - Neil young davids6 Dec 2017 8:03AM
4719189Monster Mash - Bobby 'Boris' Pickett Straycat6 Dec 2017 7:45AM
4718955Needles and pins - Tom Petty with Stevie Nicks davids5 Dec 2017 2:58PM
4718953Mountain Express - Mountain EZZ95 Dec 2017 2:50PM
4718951Laibach Big Giant Head5 Dec 2017 2:42PM
4718949Keep On Loving You - REO Speedwagon EZZ95 Dec 2017 2:33PM
4718825Janies got a gun - Aerosmith davids5 Dec 2017 8:36AM
4718817In Your Town - Rory Gallagher Straycat5 Dec 2017 8:21AM
4718806Hands Off - Rory Gallagher EZZ95 Dec 2017 7:24AM
4718802Got My Mojo Working - Rory Gallagher Straycat5 Dec 2017 7:16AM
4718775Fairies Wear Boots - Black Sabbath EZZ95 Dec 2017 6:01AM
4718634Earth died screaming - Tom Waits davids4 Dec 2017 7:13PM
4718631Don't Bring Me Down - Electric Light Orchestra EZZ94 Dec 2017 6:40PM
4718617california girls - The Beach Boys davids4 Dec 2017 5:27PM
4718553Boogie With Stu Abby Normal4 Dec 2017 3:46PM
4718538Any Way You Want It - Journey EZZ94 Dec 2017 3:18PM
4718530Zydeco stomp - David Wilcox davids4 Dec 2017 3:14PM
4718507You're the One That I Want - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Straycat4 Dec 2017 2:41PM
4718479...Xanadu - O.N.J. Abby Normal4 Dec 2017 1:40PM
4718058Werewolves of london - warren Zevon davids3 Dec 2017 3:11PM
4718027Vienna - Ultravox Straycat3 Dec 2017 1:38PM
4717912Unknown Soldier - The Doors davids3 Dec 2017 8:01AM
4717855Take The Money And Run - The Steve Miller Band EZZ93 Dec 2017 4:32AM
4717699Still crazy after all these years - Paul Simon davids2 Dec 2017 4:52PM
4717693Run to Paradise - The Choirboys EZZ92 Dec 2017 4:45PM
4717692Quarter To Three - Gary U.S. Bonds EZZ92 Dec 2017 4:40PM
4717671Perkins, Carl Abby Normal2 Dec 2017 3:36PM
4717614Oceans - Pearl Jam davids2 Dec 2017 1:32PM
4717604No More Tangles - John Grant EZZ92 Dec 2017 12:39PM
4717601Mayall, John Abby Normal2 Dec 2017 12:25PM
4717582Lady jane - The Rolling Stones davids2 Dec 2017 10:51AM
4717548Killer - Van der Graaf Generator Straycat2 Dec 2017 8:24AM
4717539Jack and Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp davids2 Dec 2017 7:53AM
4717506Invisible Touch - Genesis Straycat2 Dec 2017 5:39AM
4717431Having a Rave Up with the Yardbirds EZZ92 Dec 2017 1:17AM
4717398Go your own way - Fleetwood Mac davids1 Dec 2017 9:06PM
4717394Fool For The City Abby Normal1 Dec 2017 8:30PM
4717325Earthshine - Rush davids1 Dec 2017 4:18PM
4717144Dust EZZ91 Dec 2017 10:21AM
4717138Changes - David Bowie davids1 Dec 2017 10:20AM
4717120Breaking All The Rules - Ozzy Osbourne EZZ91 Dec 2017 9:34AM
4716781America - Simon and Garfunkle davids30 Nov 2017 4:07PM
4716774ZZ TOP - Tush Abby Normal30 Nov 2017 3:58PM
4716638yellow Submarine - The Beatles davids30 Nov 2017 10:51AM
4716604Xanadu - Olivia Newton-John Straycat30 Nov 2017 9:12AM
4716401Wah wah - George Harrison davids29 Nov 2017 9:18PM
4716385.Van Halen Abby Normal29 Nov 2017 8:34PM
4716347unchained melody - the Rightous brothers davids29 Nov 2017 5:42PM
4716316Thunderbirds, The Fabulous Abby Normal29 Nov 2017 4:24PM
4716264Sara smile - Hall and Oates davids29 Nov 2017 3:20PM
4716197Rockin' All Over the World - Status Quo Straycat29 Nov 2017 12:05PM
4716110Queen of the supermarket - Bruce Springsteen davids29 Nov 2017 7:55AM
4715969Please Mr. Postman - The Marvelettes EZZ929 Nov 2017 1:02AM
4715842Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash and young davids28 Nov 2017 3:17PM
4715778Not Fade Away - The Rolling Stones Straycat28 Nov 2017 1:43PM
4715711My best friend's girl - The Cars davids28 Nov 2017 11:42AM
4715705Little Birdy EZZ928 Nov 2017 11:30AM
4715685Killing of georgie - Rod Stewart davids28 Nov 2017 10:41AM
4715675Junkyard Blues - Deep Purple EZZ928 Nov 2017 10:26AM
4715651( Iwant to) come home - Paul Mcartney davids28 Nov 2017 9:34AM
4715639House Of The Rising Sun - The Animals Straycat28 Nov 2017 8:28AM
4715637Goin' To A Go-Go Abby Normal28 Nov 2017 8:26AM
4715616Face Up - Rush davids28 Nov 2017 8:10AM
4715605Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor Straycat28 Nov 2017 7:37AM
4715570Re: Down on the Border - Eagles Abby Normal28 Nov 2017 6:41AM
4715557Down on the Border - Eagles EZZ928 Nov 2017 5:37AM
4715548Carole King Abby Normal28 Nov 2017 4:48AM
4715404bad to the bone - George thorogood davids27 Nov 2017 8:07PM
4715400Abacab - Genesis EZZ927 Nov 2017 7:42PM
4715381Zooropa - U2 davids27 Nov 2017 6:34PM
4715371You're The Only One - Melissa Etheridge EZZ927 Nov 2017 5:52PM
4715363X. Y. U. - Smashing Pumpkins davids27 Nov 2017 4:43PM
4715348Wishing Well - Free Straycat27 Nov 2017 4:00PM
4715347valley - jethro tull davids27 Nov 2017 3:37PM
4715274Unchain My Heart - Ray Charles EZZ927 Nov 2017 2:52PM
4715224Turn, Turn, Turn - The Byrds Abby Normal27 Nov 2017 1:43PM
4715166Sonebodies's baby - Jackson Browne davids27 Nov 2017 12:23PM
4715155Rock or Bust - AC/DC Straycat27 Nov 2017 12:06PM
4715066Question - The moody Blues davids27 Nov 2017 9:07AM
4714866Pendulum Big Giant Head27 Nov 2017 1:57AM
4714776Oh pretty woman - Roy Orbison davids26 Nov 2017 6:47PM
4714727Newman, Randy Abby Normal26 Nov 2017 4:51PM
4714673Mister tambourine man - The Byrds davids26 Nov 2017 3:18PM
4714618Lee Michaels Abby Normal26 Nov 2017 2:07PM
4714617Kiss Big Giant Head26 Nov 2017 2:06PM
4714599James Taylor Abby Normal26 Nov 2017 1:42PM
4714598Highway 61 Revisited Abby Normal26 Nov 2017 1:37PM
4714597Imagine - John Lennon Big Giant Head26 Nov 2017 1:36PM
4714596Ha Ha said the clown - The yardbirds davids26 Nov 2017 1:34PM
4714595Re: Going To California - Led Zep Big Giant Head26 Nov 2017 1:32PM
4714594gates of Eden - Bob Dylan davids26 Nov 2017 1:32PM
4714592Going To California - Led Zep Abby Normal26 Nov 2017 1:28PM
4714586Firth of Fifth - Genesis Straycat26 Nov 2017 1:17PM
4714559Elton John Abby Normal26 Nov 2017 12:28PM
4714558Dexy's Midnight Runners Big Giant Head26 Nov 2017 12:27PM
4714551Come together - The Beatles davids26 Nov 2017 12:04PM
4714525Box Tops, The Abby Normal26 Nov 2017 10:35AM
4714519Allentown - Billy Joel davids26 Nov 2017 10:20AM
4714510Zarr by Peter Gabriel EZZ926 Nov 2017 9:56AM
4714508You Can't Do That - The Beatles Abby Normal26 Nov 2017 9:37AM
4714480x-kid - Green Day davids26 Nov 2017 8:15AM
4714336Who Do You Love? Abby Normal26 Nov 2017 1:12AM
4714323Voice, The - The Moody Blues EZZ925 Nov 2017 11:50PM
4714320Unconditional - Ana Popovic Abby Normal25 Nov 2017 11:27PM
4714089T. V. talking song - Bob dylan davids25 Nov 2017 12:05PM
4714086Sepultura Big Giant Head25 Nov 2017 11:52AM
4714077Robert Johnson Abby Normal25 Nov 2017 11:13AM
4714058Quartet - jethro Tull davids25 Nov 2017 10:38AM
4713980Party at the Leper Colony - Weird Al Yankovic EZZ925 Nov 2017 8:35AM
4713917Occam's razor - Frank zappa davids25 Nov 2017 7:51AM
4713824Nazareth EZZ925 Nov 2017 12:32AM
4713572Maggie may - Rod Stewart davids24 Nov 2017 1:45PM
4713515Lightfoot, Gordon Abby Normal24 Nov 2017 12:39PM
4713495Keep Yourself Alive - Queen EZZ924 Nov 2017 11:32AM
4713466Jumpin jack flash - The Rolling stones davids24 Nov 2017 9:50AM
4713461Imagine - John Lennon Abby Normal24 Nov 2017 9:32AM
4713457Helloween EZZ924 Nov 2017 9:18AM
4713456Gotthand EZZ924 Nov 2017 9:17AM
4713455Re: Feelgood, Dr. EZZ924 Nov 2017 9:12AM
4713451Feelgood, Dr. Abby Normal24 Nov 2017 8:57AM
4713436even it up - Heart davids24 Nov 2017 8:06AM
4713282Death Big Giant Head24 Nov 2017 1:06AM
4713274Can't You Hear Me Knocking - The Rolling Stones EZZ924 Nov 2017 12:16AM
4713253Baba o' riley - The Who davids23 Nov 2017 11:06PM
4713251Ain't That a Shame - Fats Domino EZZ923 Nov 2017 10:54PM
4713235Zombie - The Cranberries davids23 Nov 2017 9:31PM
4713234You Send Me Abby Normal23 Nov 2017 9:24PM
4713203Xanadu - Rush davids23 Nov 2017 7:49PM
4713193Walkin' On Sunshine Abby Normal23 Nov 2017 7:21PM
4713099Valley Girl - Frank Zappa davids23 Nov 2017 3:02PM
4713086Ummagumma - Pink Floyd Straycat23 Nov 2017 1:39PM
4713052Take me to the river Talking Heads davids23 Nov 2017 11:49AM
4713041SEAL Abby Normal23 Nov 2017 10:55AM
4713021R e o Speedwagon davids23 Nov 2017 9:58AM
4713018Quicksilver Messenger Service EZZ923 Nov 2017 9:41AM
4712971Power To The People - John Lennon Straycat23 Nov 2017 8:26AM
4712962On and on Steven Bishop davids23 Nov 2017 7:44AM
4712910(no subject) Straycat23 Nov 2017 3:48AM
4712831More Than a Feeling - Boston EZZ922 Nov 2017 11:34PM
4712827Lady by Heaviside Betty0422 Nov 2017 11:10PM
4712826Kentucky woman - Deep Purple davids22 Nov 2017 11:07PM
4712824Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel EZZ922 Nov 2017 10:33PM
4712821Re: Easy livin - Uriah Heap EZZ922 Nov 2017 10:25PM
4712638Re: Easy livin - Uriah Heap Big Giant Head22 Nov 2017 1:08PM
4712624I aint going out like that - Frank Zappa davids22 Nov 2017 12:37PM
4712623Have You Heard - ZZ Top Abby Normal22 Nov 2017 12:34PM
4712572Gimme all your lovin - ZZ Top davids22 Nov 2017 9:48AM
4712547Foghat Abby Normal22 Nov 2017 7:51AM
4712532Easy livin - Uriah Heap davids22 Nov 2017 7:12AM
4712421Dance, Dance, Dance - Steve Miller Abby Normal22 Nov 2017 12:40AM
4712412Can't Get Enough of Your Love - Bad Company EZZ921 Nov 2017 11:59PM
4712406Brown eyed girl - Van Morrison davids21 Nov 2017 10:40PM
4712401Association, The Abby Normal21 Nov 2017 10:30PM
4712383Zero - The Smashing Pumpkins davids21 Nov 2017 7:55PM
4712368You and Me - Alice Cooper EZZ921 Nov 2017 5:59PM
4712365X System of a Down davids21 Nov 2017 5:54PM
4712247Wayward Sons Big Giant Head21 Nov 2017 1:15PM
4712234Valerie - Quarterflash Abby Normal21 Nov 2017 12:48PM
4712126Understanding - Bob Segar davids21 Nov 2017 7:00AM
4712027Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young EZZ920 Nov 2017 11:23PM
4712022Strawberry fields forever - The Beatles davids20 Nov 2017 11:02PM
4712018Rock The Casbah - The Clash EZZ920 Nov 2017 10:53PM
4712016Queen - Don't Stop Me Now Abby Normal20 Nov 2017 10:37PM
4712015Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees EZZ920 Nov 2017 10:27PM
4712013Old time rock and roll - Bob seger davids20 Nov 2017 10:19PM
4712006Nothin' But A Good Time - Poison EZZ920 Nov 2017 9:23PM
4711845Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix davids20 Nov 2017 12:39PM
4711839Lace & Whiskey - Alice Cooper EZZ920 Nov 2017 12:30PM
4711796Re: Zat you santa claus? - brian setzer orchestra baron_backgammon20 Nov 2017 11:13AM
4711795Re: Dear Abby - John Prine baron_backgammon20 Nov 2017 11:11AM
4711793Re: TYPO - I meant BLUE DRESS! baron_backgammon20 Nov 2017 11:10AM
4711729Kashmir - Led Zeppelin davids20 Nov 2017 9:04AM
4711703Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones Straycat20 Nov 2017 7:34AM
4711555I;m gonna crawl - Led Zeppelin davids19 Nov 2017 11:02PM
4711551Hell's Bells - AC/DC Abby Normal19 Nov 2017 10:46PM
4711545Gallows Pole - Led Zeppelin davids19 Nov 2017 10:20PM
4711541For Those About To Rock - AC/DC Abby Normal19 Nov 2017 10:05PM
4711540Elected - Alice Cooper EZZ919 Nov 2017 9:55PM
4711534Dear Abby - John Prine Abby Normal19 Nov 2017 9:21PM
4711532Can't Find My Way Back Home - Blind Faith EZZ919 Nov 2017 9:17PM
4711526B-52s davids19 Nov 2017 9:03PM
4711525..AC/DC.. Abby Normal19 Nov 2017 9:01PM
4711524Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie EZZ919 Nov 2017 8:56PM
4711522Yardbirds, the davids19 Nov 2017 8:41PM
4711521X-Girlfriend - Family Force 5 EZZ919 Nov 2017 8:36PM
4711516Who Made Who - AC/DC Abby Normal19 Nov 2017 8:22PM
4711513valerie - steve winwood davids19 Nov 2017 7:44PM
4711510U - Pearl Jam davids19 Nov 2017 7:39PM
4711509Up To My Neck - AC/DC Abby Normal19 Nov 2017 7:39PM
4711500Touch Too Much - AC/DC EZZ919 Nov 2017 7:14PM
4711497Re: Sheryl Crow EZZ919 Nov 2017 7:11PM
4711480Sheryl Crow davids19 Nov 2017 6:52PM
4711441R.I.P. - David Cassidy and Mel Tillis Abby Normal19 Nov 2017 6:25PM
4711440Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls Abby Normal19 Nov 2017 6:24PM
4711057Problem Child- Ac/Dc davids18 Nov 2017 7:23PM
4711051Overdose - AC/DC Abby Normal18 Nov 2017 6:59PM
4711049Night Prowler - AC/DC EZZ918 Nov 2017 6:50PM
4711047Malcom Young Abby Normal18 Nov 2017 6:45PM
4711046Let There Be Rock - AC/DC Abby Normal18 Nov 2017 6:45PM
4711044Lynyrd Skynrd davids18 Nov 2017 6:44PM
4711041Kicked in the Teeth - AC/DC EZZ918 Nov 2017 6:18PM
4710979J. J. Cale davids18 Nov 2017 5:04PM
4710951"It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) - AC/DC EZZ918 Nov 2017 3:55PM
4710949Re: R.I.P. MALCOM YOUNG - WE'LL MISS YOU EZZ918 Nov 2017 3:53PM
4710867R.I.P. MALCOM YOUNG - WE'LL MISS YOU Abby Normal18 Nov 2017 9:53AM
4710865Harrison, george davids18 Nov 2017 9:39AM
4710625Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles Straycat18 Nov 2017 2:43AM
4710553Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Abby Normal17 Nov 2017 11:26PM
4710550Edgar Winter davids17 Nov 2017 11:08PM
4710547TYPO - I meant BLUE DRESS! Abby Normal17 Nov 2017 11:05PM
4710546Devil In A New Dress - Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels Abby Normal17 Nov 2017 11:04PM
4710531Cuts Like a Knife - Bryan Adams EZZ917 Nov 2017 9:20PM
4710526B. B. King davids17 Nov 2017 8:47PM
4710522Another One Rides the Bus - Weird Al EZZ917 Nov 2017 8:25PM
4710517Zat you santa claus? - brian setzer orchestra davids17 Nov 2017 8:12PM
4710511Your Song - Elton John EZZ917 Nov 2017 7:23PM
4710510Re: What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong EZZ917 Nov 2017 7:21PM
4710441X-offender - Blondie davids17 Nov 2017 4:37PM
4710394What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong Straycat17 Nov 2017 1:55PM
4710391Valentines day - David Bowie davids17 Nov 2017 1:53PM
4710390Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie Straycat17 Nov 2017 1:46PM
4710389Taking Care Of Business - BTO Abby Normal17 Nov 2017 1:41PM
4710387Still Got The Blues - Gary Moore Abby Normal17 Nov 2017 1:38PM
4710383Roy Buchanan Abby Normal17 Nov 2017 1:37PM
4710367Re: (no subject) marshmud17 Nov 2017 12:53PM
4710363Re: (no subject) baron_backgammon17 Nov 2017 12:40PM
4710350(no subject) marshmud17 Nov 2017 12:11PM
4710287Queen of the highway - The Doors davids17 Nov 2017 7:00AM
4710283Patience - Take That Straycat17 Nov 2017 6:40AM
4710171Only You - Ringo Starr EZZ917 Nov 2017 1:17AM
4710154Never My Love - The Association Abby Normal16 Nov 2017 11:31PM
4710151Momma Said - The Shirelles EZZ916 Nov 2017 11:19PM
4710139Lay down lady - Eric Clapton davids16 Nov 2017 10:23PM
4710136Keep on Running - Spencer Davis Group or REO Speedwagon EZZ916 Nov 2017 9:23PM
4710135Re: Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog EZZ916 Nov 2017 9:19PM
4710134Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog Betty0416 Nov 2017 9:06PM
4710133I am a rock (Simon and Garfunkle) davids16 Nov 2017 9:02PM
4710132Hot Child in the City - Nick Gilder EZZ916 Nov 2017 8:58PM
4710114G-spot tornado (Frank Zappa) davids16 Nov 2017 7:01PM
4710084Fire on the Floor - Beth Hart Abby Normal16 Nov 2017 5:05PM
4710072Elton John davids16 Nov 2017 4:41PM
4710034Desert Moon - Dennis DeYoung EZZ916 Nov 2017 4:03PM
4710023Cooke, Sam Abby Normal16 Nov 2017 3:34PM
4709991Beach Boys, The davids16 Nov 2017 1:53PM
4709988After the Gold Rush - Neil Young Straycat16 Nov 2017 1:45PM
4709801Zoo station (U2) davids16 Nov 2017 7:11AM
4709715Yesterday - Beatles Straycat16 Nov 2017 4:42AM
4709712X2 Where Dreams Go To Die - Queensryche EZZ916 Nov 2017 4:07AM
4709636Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd Abby Normal15 Nov 2017 11:18PM
4709581Ventura Highway (America ) davids15 Nov 2017 7:09PM
4709564Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones EZZ915 Nov 2017 5:59PM
4709144Take it to the limit (The Eagles ) davids14 Nov 2017 10:24PM
4709131Safeway Cart Betty0414 Nov 2017 9:40PM
4709128Real Love - John Lennon EZZ914 Nov 2017 9:29PM
4709103Quizz Kid (Jethro Tull) davids14 Nov 2017 7:28PM
4709097Power To The People - John Lennon Abby Normal14 Nov 2017 7:05PM
4709078Only People by John Lennon EZZ914 Nov 2017 6:00PM
4709061(Nothing but flowers) The Talking heads davids14 Nov 2017 4:56PM
4709049Mony Mony by Tommy James & the Shondells EZZ914 Nov 2017 4:20PM
4709035Little Red Rooster Abby Normal14 Nov 2017 4:06PM
4709030Kate - Ben Folds Five baron_backgammon14 Nov 2017 3:59PM
4708937Jethro Tull davids14 Nov 2017 3:10PM
4708918It's A Beautiful Day Abby Normal14 Nov 2017 2:56PM
4708851Hipsway Big Giant Head14 Nov 2017 1:02PM
4708726Gabriel, Peter davids14 Nov 2017 6:57AM
4708621Funeral for a Friend by Elton John EZZ913 Nov 2017 11:47PM
4708619Eagles Betty0413 Nov 2017 11:24PM
4708616Dio Big Giant Head13 Nov 2017 11:17PM
4708614Crosby, Stills, and Nash davids13 Nov 2017 11:12PM
4708610Billy Gibbons Abby Normal13 Nov 2017 10:14PM
4708609As Time Goes By Betty0413 Nov 2017 10:09PM
4708608Zanzibar (Billy Joel) davids13 Nov 2017 9:58PM
4708607You Can't Do That - The Beatles Abby Normal13 Nov 2017 9:51PM
4708597XI album by Chicago EZZ913 Nov 2017 9:11PM
4708541Wasted on the way ( Crosby, Stills and Nash) davids13 Nov 2017 4:54PM
4708460Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble by Uriah Heep EZZ913 Nov 2017 2:49PM
4708457Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers EZZ913 Nov 2017 2:44PM
4708450T-Rex davids13 Nov 2017 2:28PM
4708420Suzie-Q Abby Normal13 Nov 2017 1:10PM
4708389Rockin' In The Henhouse-Huevos Rancheros baron_backgammon13 Nov 2017 11:48AM
4708302Quarterflash davids13 Nov 2017 7:16AM
4708262Papa Roach Big Giant Head13 Nov 2017 4:06AM
4708239One by Harry Nilsson EZZ913 Nov 2017 2:54AM
4708154Natalie Merchant davids12 Nov 2017 7:16PM
4708126.Moore, Gary Abby Normal12 Nov 2017 6:04PM
4708109Little Jeannie by Elton John EZZ912 Nov 2017 5:47PM
4708101Kansas davids12 Nov 2017 5:39PM
4708082Jailbreak Abby Normal12 Nov 2017 5:18PM
4708069I Can't Get No Satis faction ( The Rolling Stones ) davids12 Nov 2017 4:28PM
4707942Hadouken! Big Giant Head12 Nov 2017 2:45PM
4707937.Gerry and the Pacemakers Abby Normal12 Nov 2017 2:34PM
4707932Fleetwood Mac davids12 Nov 2017 2:09PM
4707897Europe Big Giant Head12 Nov 2017 12:52PM
4707878Don't Do Me Like That - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers EZZ912 Nov 2017 12:13PM
4707859Cars, The davids12 Nov 2017 11:28AM
4707829Bad Manners Big Giant Head12 Nov 2017 9:44AM
4707826AC/DC davids12 Nov 2017 9:17AM
4707713Zapp & Roger EZZ912 Nov 2017 2:43AM
4707668You Belong To The City ( Glenn Frey ) davids11 Nov 2017 11:04PM
4707667X album by Chicago EZZ911 Nov 2017 10:50PM
4707384Weld (Neil Young and Crazy Horse) davids11 Nov 2017 12:35PM
4707356Venus by Shocking Blue EZZ911 Nov 2017 11:21AM
4707330U Got The Look (Prince) davids11 Nov 2017 10:45AM
4707109Tommy Caldwell Abby Normal10 Nov 2017 11:45PM
4707103Steely Dan davids10 Nov 2017 10:39PM
4707079Run Runaway by Slade EZZ910 Nov 2017 9:29PM
4707075Queen jamchug10 Nov 2017 9:03PM
4707046New York Dolls davids10 Nov 2017 6:00PM
4707020Murray Head EZZ910 Nov 2017 4:50PM
4707018Re: Leon Russell EZZ910 Nov 2017 4:49PM
4707007Leon Russell davids10 Nov 2017 4:37PM
4706972Kobra, King EZZ910 Nov 2017 3:55PM
4706930Jackson Browne davids10 Nov 2017 2:46PM
4706914I,AF EZZ910 Nov 2017 9:54AM
4706694Hatchett, Molly Abby Normal9 Nov 2017 7:54PM
4706628Genesis davids9 Nov 2017 4:57PM
4706587Firewind EZZ99 Nov 2017 4:07PM
4706560Edwin Starr Abby Normal9 Nov 2017 3:01PM
4706540Doctor & The Medics Big Giant Head9 Nov 2017 2:39PM
4706535Captain Beefheart davids9 Nov 2017 2:30PM

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