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4717978Re: Good Friday absence bestgremlin3 Dec 2017 11:28AM
4717843Re: Good Friday absence Jools3 Dec 2017 3:17AM
4717827Re: Good Friday absence Totty3 Dec 2017 2:27AM
4717788Re: Good Friday absence GinnyB3 Dec 2017 12:02AM
4717724Re: Good Friday absence Sir Silver of the GoldTable2 Dec 2017 7:25PM
4717631Re: Good Friday absence bestgremlin2 Dec 2017 2:36PM
4717595Re: Good Friday absence Totty2 Dec 2017 12:12PM
4717519Re: Good Friday absence Whimjest2 Dec 2017 5:55AM
4716890Re: Good Friday absence bestgremlin30 Nov 2017 8:20PM
4715980Re: Good Friday absence GinnyB29 Nov 2017 1:43AM
4715019Re: Good Friday absence Totty27 Nov 2017 6:31AM
4714854Re: Good Friday absence GinnyB27 Nov 2017 1:25AM
4714714Re: Good Friday absence Linda Sue26 Nov 2017 4:31PM
4714691Re: Good Friday absence Jools26 Nov 2017 3:52PM
4714664Re: Good Friday absence hypnotist26 Nov 2017 2:52PM
4714542Re: Good Friday absence Linda Sue26 Nov 2017 11:41AM
4714428Good Friday absence hypnotist26 Nov 2017 5:21AM
4707509HOW old are you ? Nero11 Nov 2017 2:54PM
4704435(no subject) rUsureU_ want2doTHAT4 Nov 2017 10:54PM
4699343(no subject) Lou Siffer25 Oct 2017 10:32AM
4696420Re: Cartoon character question Lou Siffer19 Oct 2017 3:53PM
4696296Cartoon character question JimC19 Oct 2017 9:33AM
4690409Re: Time hypnotist8 Oct 2017 4:53AM
4689910Re: Time PattyMac7 Oct 2017 9:21AM
4689854Re: Video rUsureU_ want2doTHAT7 Oct 2017 7:07AM
4689787Time hypnotist7 Oct 2017 4:57AM
4689513Re: Video PattyMac6 Oct 2017 4:10PM
4689493Re: Video blackangus6 Oct 2017 3:09PM
4689490Re: Video AZD1596 Oct 2017 3:03PM
4689482Video JimC6 Oct 2017 2:37PM
4681767Re: (no subject) rabbitoid22 Sep 2017 6:38AM
4681745(no subject) theoldmaster22 Sep 2017 5:26AM
4679581Re: Sad news Totty18 Sep 2017 6:01AM
4679575Sad news JimC18 Sep 2017 5:57AM
4674784Re: Helpful definitions blackangus8 Sep 2017 11:09AM
4674763Re: Helpful definitions PattyMac8 Sep 2017 9:11AM
4674570Helpful definitions hypnotist7 Sep 2017 8:35PM
4673504Re: Movie Totty5 Sep 2017 2:45PM
4673474Movie JimC5 Sep 2017 1:23PM
4671044Re: (no subject) bestgremlin31 Aug 2017 9:19AM
4671030Re: (no subject) rUsureU_ want2doTHAT31 Aug 2017 8:39AM
4671024Re: (no subject) PattyMac31 Aug 2017 8:24AM
4671021(no subject) rUsureU_ want2doTHAT31 Aug 2017 8:21AM
4659903Re: Elephant MrsT9 Aug 2017 12:27PM
4659740Elephant JimC9 Aug 2017 5:21AM
4657820Re: Faith theoldmaster5 Aug 2017 6:42AM
4657819Re: Quick Thinking theoldmaster5 Aug 2017 6:40AM
4655680Re: Swiss Day August 1 bestgremlin1 Aug 2017 6:20AM
4655652Swiss Day August 1 hypnotist1 Aug 2017 5:26AM
4650242Re: Bumper Sticker GinnyB20 Jul 2017 11:20PM
4650045Re: Bumper Sticker MrsT20 Jul 2017 1:41PM
4649989Re: Bumper Sticker rUsureU_ want2doTHAT20 Jul 2017 11:48AM
4649984Re: Bumper Sticker PattyMac20 Jul 2017 11:39AM
4649982Bumper Sticker rUsureU_ want2doTHAT20 Jul 2017 11:35AM
4649981Re: Quick Thinking rUsureU_ want2doTHAT20 Jul 2017 11:29AM
4649498Re: Quick Thinking PattyMac19 Jul 2017 10:26AM
4649461Quick Thinking rUsureU_ want2doTHAT19 Jul 2017 8:02AM
4648646(no subject) Lou Siffer17 Jul 2017 1:06PM
4642987Re: Summer Doldrums? MrsT6 Jul 2017 11:35AM
4642519Faith bestgremlin5 Jul 2017 4:17PM
4642441Re: Summer Doldrums? Whimjest5 Jul 2017 1:54PM
4642326Re: Summer Doldrums? MrsT5 Jul 2017 8:28AM
4641987Re: Summer Doldrums? Jools4 Jul 2017 12:35PM
4641907Re: Summer Doldrums? MrsT4 Jul 2017 10:14AM
4641868Re: Would you get this joke? SWAMP FOX4 Jul 2017 8:43AM
4641867Re: Query SWAMP FOX4 Jul 2017 8:42AM
4641848Re: Query marcmandy4 Jul 2017 7:49AM
4641844Re: Query MM David littlefair XI4 Jul 2017 7:30AM
4641843Re: Query Whimjest4 Jul 2017 7:28AM
4641839Query bestgremlin4 Jul 2017 7:04AM
4641836Would you get this joke? MM David littlefair XI4 Jul 2017 6:55AM
4641815Summer Doldrums? Whimjest4 Jul 2017 6:22AM
4641760Re: Fact SWAMP FOX4 Jul 2017 3:49AM
4641650Re: Fact Whimjest3 Jul 2017 6:47PM
4641339Re: Fact bestgremlin3 Jul 2017 7:19AM
4641021Re: Fact JimC2 Jul 2017 4:02PM
4641013Re: Fact Whimjest2 Jul 2017 3:57PM
4640650Re: Fact JimC2 Jul 2017 2:52AM
4640639Re: Fact Lou Siffer2 Jul 2017 1:34AM
4637887Re: Fact Sir Silver of the GoldTable26 Jun 2017 12:22PM
4636237Re: Fact Dionysos23 Jun 2017 7:43AM
4634435Re: Fact Lion Rampant20 Jun 2017 8:27AM
4633868Re: Fact Dionysos19 Jun 2017 8:33AM
4633863Re: Fact Dionysos19 Jun 2017 8:24AM
4633383Fact JimC18 Jun 2017 1:13PM

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